Obadiah serving Jehovah

Obal heaping confusion

Obed serving

Obededom serving Edom

Obil causing mourning

Oboth necromancers

Ocran their trouble

Oded restoration; surrounding

Og hearth cake

Ohad he shouted

Ohel a tent

Olivet olive yard

Olympas celestial (god of the games)

Omar I will say

Omega finality

Omri my sheaf (i.e.. bound)

On vigour; strength

Onam their vigour; strength

Onan their vigour; strength

Onesimus profitable

Onesiphorus profit bringing

Ono his vigour; his iniquity

Onycha whose travail; roaring

Onyx equalising; justifying

Ophel swelling; tumour; mound

Ophir reducing to ashes

Ophni my flying

Ophrah dustiness; fawn-like

Oreb a raven

Oren an ash; fir; cedar

Orion a fool

Ornan light perpetuated

Orpah her neck

Osee Gk. of Hosea, to save

Oshea to save (see Hosea)

Othni my seasonable speaking

Othniel seasonable talk of God

Ozem I shall hasten them

Ozias Uzziah, my strength is Jehovah

Ozni my hearing; my ear