Paarai my openings

Padan their ransom

Padanaram their ransom is high

Padon ransom

Pagiel event of God

Pahathmoab pit of Moab

Pai my groaning

Palal mediator; judge

Palestina wallowing

Palestine wallowing

Pallu wonderful

Palti my escape

Paltiel deliverance of God

Paltite my escape

Pamphylia all sorts; all tribes

Pannag preparing for affliction

Paphos suffering

Parah he increased; heifer

Paran their beautifying

Parbar he annulled the corn

Parmashta spoiled is the banquet

Parmenas one who abides

Parnach the bullock we smote

Parosh a flea

Parshandatha repeatedly broke decree

Parthians ? a pledge

Paruah flourishing; increase

Parvaim broken hooks (Oriental region)

Pasach vanishing; spreading out

Pasdammim vanishing of blood; limits of flow

Paseah vacillating; halting

Pashur increasing of white (linen)

Patara scattering cursing

Pathros a morsel moistened

Pathrusim of Pathros

Patmos my killing

Patrobas fatherís walk

Pau they cried

Paul little

Paulus little

Pedahel redeemed of God

Pedahzur redeemed of the rock

Pedaiah redeemed of Jehovah

Pekah opening

Pekahiah opening of Jehovah

Pekod to visit

Pelaiah distinguished of Jah

Pelaliah intervention of Jah

Pelatiah Jehovahís (way of) escape

Peleg division

Pelet escape

Peleth separation

Pelonite such a one

Peniel the face of God

Peninnah a ruby

Pentecost fiftieth

Penuel the face of God

Peor the opening

Perazim breaches

Peres breach

Peresh dung

Perez breach

Perezuzza breach was strengthened

Perezuzzah breach was strengthened

Perga much earth

Pergamos much marriage

Perida separation

Perizzite a rustic

Persia he divided

Persis woman of Persia

Peruda separation

Peter a stone

Pethahiah opened of Jah

Pethor interpret

Pethuel God delivers; Godís opening

Peulthai my works; my wages

Phagor to faint

Phalec Gk. of Peleg, division

Phallu wonderful (as Pallu)

Phalti my escape (as Palti)

Phaltiel God delivers (as Paltiel)

Phanuel Gk. of Peniel, face of God

Pharaoh the sun; his nakedness

Pharaohhophra sun priest; nakedness; covering evil

Pharaohnecho Pharaoh the lame; smitten nakedness

Pharaohnechoh Pharaoh the lame; smitten nakedness

Phares Gk. of Pharez, breach

Pharez breach

Pharisees the separated; those who expound

Pharosh a flea (as Parosh)

Pharpar breaking apart; rushing; rapid

Pharzites of Pharez (breach)

Phaseah vacillating; halting (which means Paseah)

Phebe radiant

Phenice palm; palm tree; palm land

Phenicia palm; palm tree; palm land

Phichol mouth of all

Philadelphia brotherly love

Philemon one who kisses

Philetus beloved

Philip lover of horses

Philippi lover of horses

Philistia wallowing

Philistim those who wallow

Philistine one who wallows

Philologus lover of the word

Phinehas mouth of pity

Phlegon burning

Phoebe radiant

Phoenice palm; palm tree; palm land

Phoenicia palm; palm tree; palm land

Phrygia parched

Phurah fruitful

Phut afflicted (as Libya & Put)

Phuvah scattered (as by a puff)

Phygellus a little fugitive

Pibeseth mouth of loathing

Pihahiroth meadow place; sedge area

Pilate close pressed

Pildash iron (bolt) of fire

Pileha cleavage; worship

Piltai my escapes

Pinon distraction

Piram their wild ass

Pirathon chieftancy; nakedness

Pisgah survey

Pisidia persuasion of right

Pison increase

Pispah disappearance

Pithom mouth of integrity

Pithon mouth of a monster

Pleiades cluster (as diamonds, stars)

Pochereth a trap of gazelles

Pollux Gk. Dioskouroi (sons of Zeus) as Castor & Pollux

Pontius of the sea

Pontus the sea

Poratha fruitfulness; frustration

Porcius piggish; swinish

Potiphar devoted to sun

Potipherah devoted to sun

Praetorium chief magistrates court

Prisca ancient

Priscilla little old woman

Prochorus leader of dance; leader of praise

Ptolemais ? warlike

Pua scattered (by a puff) see Phuvah

Puah scattered; pain (as labour pains)

Publius popular

Pudens modest; shame-faced

Puhites openness; simplicity

Pul strong; distinguished

Punites distracted (if from Punon);

scattered (if from Pua)

Punon distracted

Pur lot (as in chance); frustration

Purim lots (as in chance)

Put afflicted

Puteoli little springs; chief justice

Putiel afflicted of God