Raamah thunder

Raamiah thunder of Jah

Raamses thunder of the standard

Rabbah populous

Rabbath populous

Rabbi my master

Rabbith multiplicity

Rabboni my chief master

Rabmag chief soothsayer; much melting

Rabsaris chief eunuch

Rabshakeh chief cup-bearer

Raca vain: empty

Rachab Gk. of Rahab, breadth

Rachal trafficker

Rachel a ewe

Raddai my subduings

Ragau Gk. of Reu, associate; feed

Raguel associate with God

Rahab arrogance; breadth

Raham compassionate

Rahel a ewe (as Rachel)

Rakem embroidery

Rakkath leanness; spitting

Rakkon emaciation: spitting out

Ram high

Rama height

Ramah height

Ramath height

Ramathaimzophim watchers’ double height

Ramathlehi jaw-bone height

Ramathmizpeh watch-tower height

Rameses standard bearer is evil

Ramiah Jah is exalted; loosed of Jah

Ramoth heights; coral

Ramothgilead heights of Gilead

Rapha giant; healed; feeble

Raphu healed

Reaia seen of Jah

Reaiah seen of Jah

Reba a quarter (1 / 4)

Rebecca Gk. of Rebekah, tying

Rebekah tying

Rechab charioteer; rider

Rechah tenderness

Red sea sea of weeds; reed

Reelaiah shaken of Jah

Regem stoning

Regemmelech stoning of the king

Rehabiah enlarged of Jehovah

Rehob plaza; square (in city)

Rehoboam enlargement of the people

Rehoboth plazas; squares (in city)

Rehum compassionate

Rei my friend

Rekem embroidery; variegation

Remaliah lifted up to Jehovah

Remeth elevation

Remmon pomegranate

Remmonmethoar marked-out pomegranate

Remphan shrunken

Rephael healed of God

Rephah healing of the breath

Rephaiah healed of Jah

Rephaim the dead; giants; healers

Rephidim supports; shrinking of hands

Resen a bridle

Resheph a flame

Reu associate; feed

Reuben see, a son

Reuel associate with God

Reumah raised up; do you see anything?

Rezeph burning; glowing

Rezia haste; delight

Rezin delightful(ness)

Rezon growing thin; a prince

Rhegium a passage

Rhesa Gk. of Rephaiah, healed of Jah

Rhoda a rose

Rhodes rosy

Ribai my strengths

Riblah the strife ended; fruitful

Rimmon pomegranate

Rimmonparez pomegranate of the breach

Rinnah a joyful shout

Riphath bruising; shrivelling; healing

Rissah moistening

Rithmah binding; broom-copse

Rizpah pavement; glowing

Roboam enlargement of the people

Rodanim breakers loose

Rogelim footmen; traders

Rohgah fear cured; agitation

Romamtiezer I have exalted the leper

Roman strong

Rome strength

Rosh head; chief

Rufus red

Ruhamah love; mercy

Rumah exaltation

Ruth satisfied