Taanach she will afflict you

Taanathshiloh Shiloh’s circle; fig tree

Tabbaoth rings

Tabbath you were good

Tabeal good for nothing

Tabeel God is good

Taberath you may burn

Tabitha gazelle

Tabor you will purge

Tabrimon the pomegranate was good

Tachmonite you will make me wise

Tadmor you will scatter myrrh

Tahan you will decline / encamp

Tahapanes you will fill hands with pity

Tahath subordinate; substitute

Tahpanhes you will fill hands with pity

Tahpenes you will cover flight

Tahrea separate the friend

Tahtimhodshi lower ones of new moon

Talitha a girl; a damsel

Talmai my furrows

Talmon oppression; outcast

Tamah you will be fat

Tamar palm tree

Tammuz you will shrivel up

Tanach she will afflict you

Tanhumeth consolation

Taphath distillation

Tappuah you will cause to breathe

Tarah you may breathe

Taralah release the curse

Tarea neighbour’s chamber / limits

Tarpelites fallen / wondrous mountain

Tarshish cause poverty; shatter"

Tarsus flat basket

Tartak you will be enchained

Tartan release the dragon

Tatami you shall be consumed (finished)

Tatnai my gifts

Tebah a slaughter

Tebaliah dipped of Jehovah

Tebeth goodness

Tehaphnehes fill hands with pity

Tehinnah favour; supplicate for favour

Tekel weighed

Tekoa trumpet blast; to thrust

Tekoah trumpet blast; to thrust

Telabib heap of green ears

Telah rejuvenator; one who invigorates

Telaim lambs

Telassar 1. weariness of the prince

2. hang the prince

Telem covering them; casting out

Telharesha heap of artifice

Telharsa heap of artifice

Telmelah heap of salt

Tema southerner

Teman southward

Temeni my right hand

Terah you may breathe

Teraphim healers (as gods)

Teresh possession

Tertius third

Tertullus triple-hardened

Tetrarch ruler of a fourth part

Thaddeus sucking plenty

Thahash badger (or seal skin)

Thamah you will be fat

Thamar Gk. of Tamar, palm tree

Thara Gk. of Tarah, you may breathe

Tharshish cause poverty; shattering

Thebez whiteness; brilliancy

Thelasar weariness of / hang the prince

Theophilus friend of God

Thessalonica victory over falsity

Theudas gift of God: praised

Thimnathath portion; number

Thomas twin

Thummim perfections

Thyatira odour of affliction

Tiberias from the Tiber

Tiberius from the Tiber

Tibhath slaughter house

Tibni straw; build

Tidal evicted from Most High / above

Tiglathpileser carry off wonderful bond

Tikvah hope; expectation

Tikvath you shall be gathered

Tilgathpilneser wine-press heap of bond of wonder

Tilon murmur; abide

Timaeus highly prized

Timna you will withhold

Timnah 1. you will number (a portion)

2. you will withhold

Timnath 1. you will number (a portion)

2. you will withhold

Timnathheres portion of the sun

Timnathserah abundant portion

Timnite number or portion

Timon honourable

Timotheus honouring God

Timothy honouring God

Tiphsah she shall pass over

Tiras he crushed the search

Tirathites men of the gate; those who nourish

Tirhakah searched out the pious

Tirhanah camp-spy

Tiria do you fear?

Tirshatha you shall possess there

Tirzah she will delight

Tishbite captivity; you’ll lead captive

Titus nurse; one who rears (another)

Tizite you shall go forth

Toah sinking; depressing

Tob good

Tobadonijah good is my Lord Jah

Tobiah goodness of Jehovah

Tobijah goodness of Jehovah

Tochen measurement

Togarmah you will break her

Tohu they sank down

Toi my wandering; do you mock?

Tola worm (crimson / scarlet dye)

Tolad bring forth; beget

Topaz perhaps means. affliction fled away

Tophel unseasonable

Tophet a spitting (as contempt)

Topheth a spitting (as contempt)

Tormah deceived

Tou do you mock?; do you stray?

Trachonitis rugged rocky region

Troas a Trojan

Trogyllium a cache (hole for food)

Trophimus nourishment

Tryphena luxurious

Tryphosa luxuriating

Tubal you shall be brought

Tubalcain brought of Cain

Tychicus fortunate

Tyrannus absolute rule

Tyre to distress

Tyrus to distress

Ucal completed; enabled

Uel desired of God

Ulai my leaders (mighty ones)

Ulam leader; vestibule

Ulla taken up

Ummah associated; juxtaposition

Unni afflicted

Upharsin divided

Uphaz desire of fine gold

Ur light

Urbane Urbanus of the city

Uri my light

Uriah my light is Jah

Urias my light is Jah

Uriel my light is God

Urijah my light is Jehovah

Urim lights

Uthai my helper (teacher)

Uz counsel

Uzai sprinklings

Uzal flooded

Uzza strengthened

Uzzah strengthened

Uzzensherah heard by near kinship

Uzzi my strength

Uzzia my strength is Jehovah

Uzziah my strength is Jehovah

Uzziel my strength is God

Vaheb come on!

Vajezatha and he sprinkled there

Vaniah and he sprinkled there

Vashni why do you sleep

Vashti why waste; why do you banquet

Vedan and Dan

Vophsi why do you vanish

There is no entry under W.

There is no entry under X.

There is no entry under Y.

Zaanaim wanderings

Zaanan their flock

Zaanannim wanderings

Zaavan their removal; their disquiet

Zabad a giver

Zabbai flittings; wanderings; pure ones

Zabbud endowed; remembered

Zabdi my dowry

Zabdiel endowed of God

Zabud endowed

Zabulon dwelling

Zaccai pure; pure ones

Zacchaeus as Zaccai pure; pure ones

Zacchur remembered

Zaccur remembered

Zachariah remembered of Jehovah

Zacharias remembered of Jehovah

Zacher remembrance

Zadok to justify

Zaham he loathed

Zair insignificant; lesser

Zalaph beautified shadow

Zalmon resemblance; image

Zalmonah representation; imagery

Zalmunna shade was withheld

Zamzummims those who intrigue

Zanoah to cast off

Zaphnathpaaneah treasury of glorious rest

Zaphon the north

Zara rising (as the sun)

Zarah rising (as the sun)

Zareah smitten with leprosy

Zareathites those smitten with leprosy

Zared stranger subdued; bond subdued

Zarephath place of refining

Zaretan their distress

Zarethshahar splendour of the dawn

Zarhites those of Zarah (rising)

Zartanah their distress

Zarthan their distress

Zatthu brightness

Zattu brightness

Zavan their removal; their disquiet

Zaza brightness; fulness

Zebadiah endowed of Jehovah

Zebah a sacrifice

Zebaim gazelles

Zebedee as Zebadiah endowed of Jehovah

Zebina we are bought

Zeboiim gazelles; troops; dyers; hyenas

Zeboim gazelles; troops; dyers; hyenas

Zebudah endowment

Zebul a habitation

Zebulun dwelling

Zechariah remembered of Jehovah

Zedad turned aside

Zedekiah righteousness of Jehovah

Zeeb a wolf

Zelah limping; one-sided

Zelek shadow of a cliff; fissure

Zelophehad shadow of fear/first rupture

Zelotes a zealot (e.g.. a Zionist)

Zelzah a clear (or dazzling) shadow

Zemaraim double woollens

Zemarite those of Zemaraim

Zemira causing singing

Zenas Jupiter

Zephaniah treasured of Jehovah

Zephath watchful

Zephathah place of watching

Zephi watch!

Zepho watching

Zephon watcher; watchfulness

Zer strait

Zerah as Zarah, rising

Zerahiah the rising of Jah

Zered the stranger (or bond) subdued

Zereda the adversary rules

Zeredathah scene of adversary’s rule

Zererath oppression; straitness

Zeresh a stranger in want

Zereth splendour

Zeri balm

Zeror bundle

Zeruah leprous

Zerubbabel melted by Babylon

Zeruiah pierce Jah!

Zetham their olive

Zethan their olive

Zethar this is the spy

Zia trembling

Ziba appointed

Zibeon versicolour; dyer

Zibia a gazelle

Zibiah a gazelle

Zichri memorable; do you remember?

Ziddim the sides; liers in wait

Zidkijah righteousness of Jehovah

Zidon hunting; fishery

Zif brightness

Ziha causing dryness; parching

Ziklag enveloped in grief

Zillah shadiness; he wasted

Zilpah flippant-mouth; drop trickle

Zilthai my shadows; perhaps means. Jah’s shadows

Zimmah lewdness

Zimran their song; psalmody

Zimri my psalm

Zin a thorn

Zina nourishing

Zion parched place

Zior diminution

Ziph melting

Ziphah refinery

Ziphims smelters

Ziphion the watchful

Ziphites smelters

Ziphron to the flow of song

Zippor a bird (esp. sparrow)

Zipporah a sparrow

Zithri my hiding-place

Ziz a blossom

Ziza exuberance; roving

Zizah exuberance; roving

Zoan removal

Zoar bringing low

Zoba a station; standing

Zobah a station; standing

Zobebah sluggish; covered

Zohar whitening

Zoheleth serpentine; crawling thing

Zoheth releasing

Zophah expanding

Zophai my honeycombs; my overflows

Zophar departing early; a climber

Zophim watchmen

Zorah as Zareah, smitten with leprosy

Zoreah as Zareah, smitten with leprosy

Zorites those of Zorah

Zorobabel melted by Babylon

Zuar he was belittled

Zuph honeycomb; overflow

Zur a rock; to besiege

Zuriel my rock is God

Zurishaddai my rock is the Almighty

Zuzims roving creatures