A Grand Hope For Those Who Are



The movie "Left Behind," which has recently opened in theaters around the country portrays scenes of airline passengers mysteriously missing from a flight and automobile accidents where drivers and passengers are also missing. The film, based upon the best-selling Christian novel of the same name, attempts to depict a commonly held interpretation of the "rapture" and even associated with the return of Christ.


The seven year tribulation period, the rise of the Anti-Christ, and the nations converging on Israel are woven into a story whose message is "accept Jesus now or you will be left behind."


What do the Scriptures teach of this period of time? What do they say regarding the object and manner of Christís return? What is the source of the concept of the seven-year tribulation period? Who is the Anti-Christ? What is the fate of Israel or the vast majority of mankind who do not believe in Jesus?


Contrary to the conclusions of the movie, "Left Behind," the Bible teaches a plan of salvation which will successfully reach out and give all mankind an opportunity to come back to God. God wills that all men be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth. His words do not return unto him void.


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