Do You Know?


That more than 2,000 years ago God gave, through the Prophet Daniel, a cleardescription of the times in which we are now living?


That the Bible, in referring to the present as "the time of the end" (Daniel12:9), signifies, not the destruction of the literal earth ("The earth abidethforeveró#Ec 1:4), but the end of the present dispensation, after whichwill come the Reign of Peace (#Zec 14:9, 11; ##Isa 9:6,7)?


That in the time of the end


(1) many shall run to and fro;


(2) knowledge shallbe increased;


(3) the wise ["The fear (reverence) of the Lord is the beginningof "wisdom"óPsalm 111:10] shall understand;


(4) but none of the wicked shallunderstand;


(5) at that time Michael [Christ] shall stand up [begin His reign];


(6) and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was anation (#Da 12:9,4,10,1)?


That Sir Isaac Newton, the great Christian philosopher, who died A. D. 1727, onthe strength of this very prophecy said, "I should not wonder if some day menwill travel at the rate of fifty miles an hour"?


That this predicted "running to and fro" is being fulfilled by yourself andothers as you travel everywhere by auto, boat, train, airplane, etc.?


That during the past 100 years rapid travel on land and sea and in the air hasbecome almost universal and that the speed of travel has increased greatly,until today people can fly by jet plane much faster than sound con travel?


That knowledge is greatly increased, in harmony with this prophecy?-that onlyfour centuries ago illiteracy was so general that the English Parliament passeda law providing for those of its members who were unable to read; while nowability to read and write is general, even amongst the poorest classes?


That not a single one of the now large Bible Societies or Tract Societies wasstarted until 1804, because before then there was little need for reading matterfor the masses?


That a right understanding of Godís Word not only adds to the wisdom of thewise, but also "maketh wise the simple" (#Ps 19:7)?


That God promised that in this "time of the end" the wise [toward God-not theworldly-wise] should understand the hitherto secret things of His plan and Word(#1Co 3:18-20) and that "none of the wicked shall understand" (#Da 12:10)?


That the present social order is far from satisfaction to any good person-richor poor-though no human instrumentality is able to arrange for and introduce abetter one?


That Christ will soon introduce a better, a perfect, social arrangement; andthat He taught us to expect, watch for, and pray for the Kingdom; saying, "Prayye, -Thy Kingdom Come. Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven"? If you havesincerely joined in this prayer, you will rejoice in the evidences that itsfulfillment is at hand.


That the Millennial Age is spoken of as "The Day of Christ" (#Php 1:6)and that the Apostle Peter referred to it in #Ac 3:19, 21, as "the times ofrestitution of all things which God hath spoken by the mouth of all His holyprophets"?


That St. Peter there declares that these blessings will not precede, but fellowJesusí Second Coming?


That the prophecies and signs which now herald the Second Advent of Christ aremuch more distinct than those which marked His First Advent?


That the driving of the Jews out of all nations and the resettlement of many ofthem in Palestine is another sign of the close of the Gospel Age and that GodísKingdom is nigh at hand (#Jer 16:14-16; #Ro 11:25-32, 15; #Lu 21:25-32)?


That Christís Second Advent is a different from human expectation as was HisFirst Advent? and that His day comes upon the world unawares (#Lu 17:26-30; #1Th 5:2-6)?


That the object and manner of Christís Second Coming is generallymisunderstood?-that His coming, according to the Bible, means the blessing ofall the families of the earth (#Ge 12:3; 22:16-18)?


That the Judgment Day will be a 1,000-year day, not a 24-hour day (#2Pe 3:7, 8)?-and that the word judgment implies a trial as well as a sentence?


That the large majority of humanity has never had any trial, because they diedin total ignorance of the only name given under heaven whereby they can be saved(#2Co 4:4; #Ac 4:12)?


That during the worldís great day of trial or judgment (the Millennium) theChurch, which has been selected from among men, will be, with Christ, the Judgesof the world (#1Co 6:2)?-and that they shall be kings and priests ofGod and, as Abrahamís seed, bless all the families of the earth (#Re 20:4; #Ge 22:18; #Ga 3:8, 16, 29)?


That the 1,000-year Judgment Day is for the very purpose of causing theknowledge of the Lord to fill the whole earth as the waters cover the sea, toopen the eyes of menís understanding and to unstop their ears that they may hearGodís message of mercy, and see "the true Light, which lighteth every man thatcometh into the world" (##Isa 11:9; 35:5; #Joh 1:9)?


That Jesus paid the debt-death (#Ro 6:23)-for all, to secure for all a FULLOPPORTUNITY to gain ever-lasting life by faith and obedience (#1Ti 2:4-6;#Ac 3:22, 23)?


That Christ "is the propitiation [satisfaction] for our sins, and not for ours[the Churchís sins] only, but also for the sins of the whole world" (#1Jo 2:2;#1Ti 4:10)?


That the Bible teaches both the doctrine of Election and the doctrine of FreeGrace-the election of the Church during the Gospel Age, and free grace for theworld in general in the Millennial age? and that this harmony, of these twodoctrines so long supposed to be in conflict, can be clearly shown from theScriptures?


That we are now in the "harvest" or end (#Mt 13:39, 40) of the Gospel Age,in which the Little Flock (#Lu 12:32) is completed?-and that Godís Kingdom isbeing ushered in by a "great time of trouble" (anarchy, etc.-#Zep 1:14-18;#Mt 24:21, 22; #Jas 5:1-8; #Heb 12:25-28), which will level society,humble pride and prepare the way for Christís reign-"under the whole heaven"(#Da 2:28, 44; 7:13, 14, 18, 22, 27)?


That although the "day of the Lord" comes as a thief and a snare upon the wholeworld, yet the brethren of Christ would not be in darkness (#Lu 21:34, 35; #1Th 5:2-6)?


That the time has come for all Godís servants, all that fear (reverence) Him,both small and great, to declare the message, "The Lord God omnipotentreigneth for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herselfready" (#Re 19:5-7)?


That the Lamb and His Bride (the 144,000) now stand on Mount Zion (#Re 14:1; #Ob 21) and are exercising power over the nations (#Re 2:26,27); that soon the desire of all nations shall come (#Hag 2:6-9) in the Reignof Peace, when they shall learn war no more (##Isa 2:2-4; #Mic 4:1-4)?


That a famine prevails-not a famine for bread, nor for water, but for thehearing [understanding] of Godís Word (#Am 8:11)?


That many ministers preach on every other subject than the Gospel, while some ofthem deny the fall, the redemption and a coming restitution, so clearly taughtin the Bible, and teach instead, Evolution, even denying the inspiration of theBible?


"That you faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God"(#1Co 2:5, 9-14)?