Did you know that ...

The Lord is present now!


The signs that He promised to mark that event are everywhere around us.


Examine the Scriptures which show that our Lord’s second advent is an invisible presence and has already begun


Prove it yourself ...

#Mt 24:3Interlinear English Translation of Greek Text.


katheemenou        de        autou        epi       tou     orous     twn             elaiwn


2521         1161  0846_3  1909  3588 3735   3588     1636


proseelthon       autw         hoi             matheetai         kat                         idian


4334         0846_5  3588     3101        2596           2398


legontes         eipon          heemin         pote       tauta                         estai              kai         ti


3004       1511_7   1473_9   4219   3778_93          1511_4     2532   5101


to         seemeion         tees            sees       parousias        kai           sunteleias


3588  4592       3588     4674   3952        2532    4930


tou               aiwnos


3588      0165


What shall be the sign of they coming?" (#Mt 24:3) The Greek word translated "coming" is "parousia". It really means "presence." Look it up in any Greek-English dictionary.


A comparison of #Mt 24:37 with #Lk 17:26 provides a scriptural definition for the Greek word, parousia.


       #Mt 24:37                                                                                     #Lk 17:26

 But as the days    }               {  As it was in the

of Noah were,      }               {  days of Noah,


so shall also the  }               {  so shall it be

parousia of the    }               {  in the days of the

Son of man be.     }               {  Son of man.


It is obvious that the "days of the Son of man" (#Lk 17:26) refer to the time that Christ is present. Therefore, #Mt 24:37 should be translated "presence of the Son of man." Many signs prove Christ’s "parousia" or "presence."


Look them up in your Bible.


Israel is restored—#Mt 24:32; #Jer 16:13-18

Knowledge and travel increase—#Da 12:4

Evils are exposed as never before—#Lu 12:2; #1Co 4:5

Infidelity runs rampant from university to pulpit—#Lu 18:8; #2Tim 4:1-4

Men seek pleasure; morality rots—#2Ti 3:1-5, 13

Strikes, walkouts—#Jas 5:1-4

Racial demonstrations, riots—#Zep 1:7-9

Juvenile delinquency—#2Ti 3:2

Wars and war preparations intensify—#Joe 3:9-11

Men cry fearfully for peace—#1Th 5:3; #Lu 21-26

Trouble everywhere—#Mt 24:21,22


These "signs of the times" have convinced many that Christ is "coming soon." Why are most Christians unaware that they actually prove His "presence"? Some theologians are like the religious leaders of Jesus’ day, who "took away the key of knowledge" (#Lu 11:52; #Isa 56:10; #Isa 9:16). They actually mistranslate the Greek word "parousia" "coming" in order to harmonize their false theology.


Rotherham relates his struggle with the word "parousia" in the third edition of his translation ( a recognized work in evangelical circles). Although contrary to his theology, he acknowledged that "parousia" means "presence" and so translated it in every occurrence.


Even Harry Rimmer (D.D., Sc.D.), who was styled "fundamentalism’s outstanding spokesman" until his death, admitted that the word "parousia" meant personal presence. In his book, The Coming King, he observed that the Greek word appears 13 times to describe the return of Christ, and not once does it have the though of "coming."


The "secret rapture" is a concept held by many Christians of various denominations. According to this view, Christ returns unknown to the world and takes the Church unto Himself before the great tribulation. Although this view limits the scope of Christ’s secret presence, it reflects the assent given by many Bible-believing Christians that Christ can return secretly.


#1Th 5:1-6 and #Lu 21:34-36 warn that when Christ returns some Christians are unaware of His presence. This "Day of the Lord" comes as a snare upon two kinds of Christians. Some are overcharged with the cares of this life. Others neglect the Word and Spirit of God but tag along after leaders who misguide them.


A Period of Time


The period of our Lord’s second advent must be more than a 24-hour day. Jesus said that when the signs of His presence began to occur, the generation then living would not pass away until all the signs were fulfilled (#Mt 24:34). This reference to a generation existing between the return of the Lord and the complete end is meaningless if the second advent is accomplished in a 24-hour day.


#Da 12:1,4 refers to three events that occur during the Time of the End when "Michael stands up." These events obviously require a period of time:


1 ..." A time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation;"

2 ..." Mnay shall run to and fro;"

3 ..." Knowledge shall be increased."


These are signs of our generation, not a 24-hour day. These events occur when Michal the Archangel (#Da 12:1; #Jude 9) stands up in the Time of the End. #1Th 4:16 shows that Christ descends from heaven with "the voice of the archangel." Therefore the events that follow Michael’s standing up in Daniel 12 are proofs that the Lord is present.


No discussion of Christ’s invisible presence would be complete without an explanation of one of the most commonly misunderstood scriptures on the subject. "Every eye shall see him" (#Re 1:7) is widely accepted as proof that Christ will return visibly. Yet Christ said, "The world seeth me NO MORE" (#Joh 14:19). The Bible does not contradict itself! Any student of the Bible will admit that the book of Revelation is a book of symbols. It cannot be literally interpreted. Why do we then insist that this one verse must be?


The "eye" in #Re 1:7 is symbolical and refers to mental perception or the "eye" of understanding (#Job 42:5). As the "clouds" of trouble increase, the blinded minds of men will be opened to perceive Christ’s presence and to "see" His intervention in world affairs. —#Joe 2:2; #2Co 4:4; #Isa 25:7.


Before Christ Returned


No concept is repeated more in Scriptures than the teaching that Christ will be King in a Kingdom that covers the whole earth. It is a fact of history (see "Millennium" in Encyclopedia Britannica) that the majority of Christians during the first three centuries longed for the return of Christ and the establishment of His Millennial Kingdom. Did not Jesus say, "My kingdom is not of this world" (#2Co 4:4; #Ga 1:4) —this social order with its civil, religious and social components. During Christ’s second advent Satan will be bound, this world destroyed and Christ’s Kingdom will extend from the rivers unto the ends of the earth.


Why did this majority concept change in the third century? The persecution of the early church was bitter. Peace would be so sweet. And so the price was paid—the compromise of Christian doctrine. The stage was set for the next step. Why wait for Christ to return and establish His Kingdom? With a little more compromise the church could unite with civil government and set up the Kingdom herself. What a tremendous force this could be for good! And no doubt the intentions were good. The results? Rome exchanged gods. Pagan Rome became Papal Rome and the page describing the church’s glorious hour was written in blood Historians call it the Dark Ages.


Unfortunately, the Protestant Reformation reached high in ideals, but fell short in practice. By the 18th and 19th centuries, each nation of Europe had its church of the establishment that harassed the minority churches. Most of the churches proved to be effective allies of the state in maintaining the status quo. For example, as late as 1912, the bishops of the Church of England opposed the abolishing of child labor in the mines and sweatshops of England.


The missionary arm of the churches was little better. Missionaries went forth under a dual banner—the banner of Christ and the flag of their country. Often the principles of Christ were sacrificed on the altar of imperialism. (Read Colonialism and Christian Missions by Bishop Neill, McGraw-Hill.)


Even in the United States the influence of the church has been unsavory in many areas. An obvious example: this country is being rent by distrust and violence, hatred and riot. The practice of slavery was heinous enough. If Christians whites had practiced Christianity since the Emancipation Proclamation, there would be no racial problem today. That churchianity has been the bulwark against the advance of civil rights is the self-indictment of many church leaders.


Christ has Returned as King and Judge


Now, after centuries of churchianity’s illicit alliance with the world, the Lord has returned as King and Judge. And "judgment begins with the house of God" (#1Pe 4:17). In the Book of Revelation the Lord foretold the rise of false church systems and their judgement and destruction at His return.


The piercing eyes of the Righteous Judge have been examining the church. (#Re 1:13, 14, 20) and His verdict is that churchianity today is Babylon—"confusion" (#Isa 28:8; #Re 18:2). The conflicting voices of churchianity are saying: "God is dead: .." The Bible is not the inspired Word of God" ..." Blood atonement is a myth" ..." God will torment millions in hell or purgatory "..." Every Christian should speak in tongues" ..." Millions will be lost forever in Armageddon" ... " Church union without unity of belief" ... etc. What a babel of confusion!


Churcianity has been judged by her false and diluted doctrines and her centuries of involvement with the "world" —scripturally styled, "harlotry" —#Isa 1:21; #Re 17:1,2,18; #Re 19:2.


Prophecies reveal that an ecumenical church will enjoy a short-lived alliance with civil governments. The Book of Revelation discloses that he ignoble results of this alliance will prove once and for all Babylon’s unworthiness. From within, the masses will rise up and overthrow it. Thus, Babylon’s judgment will be accomplished. One of the reasons different denominations are uniting is to consolidate strength and power to cure a sick world. Many church leaders have a real sense of guilt for the dubious role churchianity has played in past history. Undoubtedly this is the reason some are now in the forefront of the battle for social and political reform. Unfortunately, they are inspired by the philosophies of man more than the teachings of the Bible. The Bible clearly states that the institutions and governments of "this present evil world" cannot be reformed. Indeed, one of the first works of our returned Lord is their destruction (#Zep 3:8,9; #Isa 34:1-3; #2Pe 3:7,8). If history has taught anything, it is this: no matter how high the ideals, churchianity cannot withstand the pressures of compromise and intrigue when it enters the political and social arena with the world.


The Final Scene


The closing scene of this "present evil world" is portrayed in #Re 19:11-12. Our present Lord is pictured in symbol as a conquering King followed by armies clothed in the white linen of the saints, the true church (#Re 19:8, 14). Arrayed against the "King of Kings" in this final battle, we see the "kings (rulers) of the earth and their armies" allied with the "beast" and the "false prophet." Many Catholic and Protestant commentators concede that the "beast" and "false prophet" are symbolic of unfaithful church systems. These civil and religious systems will be completely destroyed.


Thank God this world of hate, vice, intrigue, graft, corruption, power politics, war, discrimination, and exploitation will soon come to an end. And in its place, the Kingdom of Christ shall reign from the rivers unto the ends of the earth.


Christian Responsibility#Re 18:4


The prophetic setting of Revelation 18, as revealed in the first verse, is Christ’s return. And His cry is, "Come out of her (Babylon), my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins." The popular cry today is, "Attend the church of your choice." But God is not calling His saints to join an organization. God’s calling is, "Gather my saints together unto Me; those that have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice." Those who don’t "flee out of the midst of Babylon" will suffer much tribulation when the plagues of destruction come upon Babylon (#Ps 50:5; #Jer 51:6-10; #Re 18:4). It is the systems of Babylon—not the people—that are condemned to eternal destruction. Nevertheless, all within these systems have varying degrees of responsibility. Accordingly, they will suffer much anguish as they see their cherished institutions destroyed.


It grieves us deeply to realize that many of our brethren of all denominations will be ensnared in this ecumenical deception. Indeed, the test will be so severe that each one of us will do well to heed the injunction: "HE that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall."


As a Christian, the fruition of all your hopes are centered around the return of Christ. You cannot afford to have the Day of the Lord come upon you unawares. Nor can you afford to be ensnared in that great system of Babylon that is judged and destroyed at Christ’s return. Be sure to send for your free copies of the following booklets:


THE LORD’S RETURN —A detailed examination of Bible prophecy proving that the Lord is "present."


THE DAY OF GOD’S WRATH —Written over fifty years ago, it scripturally predicted the ecumenical movement of today and the responsibility of God’s people.