What Can We Say?


When such tragedies as school shootings take the promising lives of so many, what can we say?


We all want to add words of comfort, yet they seem so inadequate in times like these.


Nevertheless we want to let the families and classmates of the victims know that we do care and sympathize. We find hope in the conviction that the Bible promises a resurrection for all, even for the perpetrators of such a horrible crime. We look forward to the kingdom God has promised, which shall bring back all the dead, educate them and fit them for an eternity of life in an earthly paradise. We find great comfort in such hopes and promises. They make our prayer more

intense, "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven."


For those who desire to know the Bible’s precious promises for all and a faith-strengthening answer to the question, Why does God permit evil?, we would like to send a free copy of a booklet which has helped us. It is called "Comfort and Consolation."


For your free copy call 1-800-GODS PLAN.