time ...


The world is a time clock ...


... ticking off the days, the years, the epochs of Godís great plan of the ages!


Would God, to whom time is illimitable, confine his plans to a schedule of time that man could comprehend?


Yes, and God has also given us very accurate and precise time measurements in His word. By these we are able to know just where we are today according to Godís time.


/$What time is it today? ../$


Today! Where is today? In this confused and war conscious world of today, some are asking, "Will there be a tomorrow?"


The student of the Bible can find the answers to these questions, for God has given us the answers, even before we asked.


The plan of God, with reference to man, spans three great periods of time, beginning with manís creation and reaching into the illimitable future.The Scriptures call these three great time periods "three worlds."


World that was


This present evil world.


The world to come.


These three great epochs represent three distinct manifestations of Divine providence.


The first, from the creation to the flood, was under the administration of angels. Peter called it "The World that Was." (#2Pe 3:6)


The second great epoch, from the flood to the establishment of the Kingdom of God, is under the usurped power of Satan. (#2Co 4:4) Paul called it "This Present Evil World." (#Ga 1:4)


The third is to be a world without end. It will be under divine administration. It is the Kingdom of God for which we pray, "Thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven". Peter called it "The World to Come Wherein Dwelleth Righteousness." (#2Pe 3:13)


It should be remembered that this earth is the basis of all these "worlds" and dispensations, and that though ages pass and dispensations change, still the earth continuesó"The earth abideth forever." (#Ec 1:4)


Today is a changing world! The world in which we live is changing so rapidly that it is difficult at times just to keep up with it. In truth, we really are in a changing worldóit is changing from "This Present Evil World" into "The World to Come" (see #Da 2:44)


Some of the change we see about us today has been for manís good, bringing to him more of the comforts of life; bringing to him a life comparatively free from pain and hard labor, and providing for him more hours of leisure in which to enjoy life.


But must of the change has not been for manís good-or so it seems! Social unrest is the order of the day. Riots and protests against law and authority are rampant in our own country. Nations are vying for prestige, and preparing for a nuclear holocaust that could wipe out humanity.


Thus we see that this changing world is developing for the uplift of man on the one hand, and racing toward destruction on the other hand. We learn from the Scriptures that this is exactly what is to be expected when "The Present Evil World" comes to an end and "The World to Come" begins. These two great time periods overlap for a timeóand this is precisely where we are today on Godís time clock! We are living in the time when Satanís evil reign is being overthrown by the Kingdom of Christ. The kingdoms of this world, under the administration of Satan, are going to pieces because it is Godís due time for the changing of the age. It is Godís due time for the fulfillment of #Re 11:15, "The kingdom of the world has become the Lordís and his Christís, and he shall reign for the ages of the ages". (Diaglott)


Already we see some of the blessings coming to man because of the beginning of the new age. Man no longer has to slave long hours merely to have a meager existence. Today he words 35 or 40 hours a week, and in the remaining hours has countless opportunities to enjoy the good things of life. Travel today is almost unlimited! Communication is world wide in its reach! These blessings have come to mankind because we are in the beginning of the new age which Peter called "The World to Come Wherein Dwelleth Righteousness".


The Prophet Isaiah told us that during this new age "the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness." This same prophet also told us that during the new age "nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more". Yes, this is the age that is just beginningóthe age in which they will learn righteousness and not war!


The world is a time clock, and God sets the hands. The precision with which God sets the time periods in his plan is a rich source of joy to every student of the Bible. By tracing his plan through ages past, we can have confidence in His unerring precision in setting the hands on his great time clock.


We have here only glanced at a small portion of this great plan of the ages. The more we examine it, the more we will find it in perfect harmony, beauty and order. Each age has its part to accomplish, necessary to the complete development of Godís plan as a whole. This plan is a progressive one, gradually unfolding form age to age, upward and onward to the grand consummation of the original design of the Divine Architect. Godís plan includes all mankind!


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