Testimony Letter

(Except for the Facing Page, Item #338 is a reprint of Item #109, a talk by Brother Lorenz, entitled THE DIPPER OF FAITH BY THE POOL OF PRAYER. The item below is a Testimony-Letter from Brother L. Vernon Davis of 3 Lincoln Avenue, Binghamton, N. Y., 13905, dated Dec. 31, 1975.)

Dear Brother Smith:

The truth came to our area in the 1890s by way of a sister introducing Volume I, The Divine Plan of the Ages, bound in a blue paper cover. This fell into the hands of my grandfather who read it and came to see us and he and my Father using oil lamps sat up nearly all night reading the good news of the Kingdom.

There was a church on our farm. Grandfather had given land and material and labored with others to construct the church. My parents withdrew and letters to Brother Russell brought names of others in Binghamton, N. Y., seven miles away.

Next came a speaker and a very small group got together. Pilgrim Brother Harrison came. Never had they ever heard any such message. Brother Haden Samson from Peckville, Pa., followed. It was wonderful. A class was established and Father and Mother, my brothers and sisters, Grandfather and mother and aunts came out of the churches to study the truth. At one time, 1918, there were four generations attending the meetings of our family. My two girls grew up and accepted the truth: Ardelle Pierson of South Carolina and Carol Rice of Seattle.

Brother Russell made at least five trips to Binghamton. All the old pilgrims like Brother Barton, Brother Draper, Brother Bohnet, and every one who you have sent sermons from have been known and loved.

I symbolized at Toronto Convention in 1903. Brother Russell gave the baptism discourse. No class left here now. I drive 50 miles every two weeks to meeting in Ithaca, N. Y., and I am 89. The truth is more precious each year.

I am yours dear Brother in the hope of the glorious Kingdom,

L. Vernon Davis