By Bro. Barton


1. Bearing the same kind of fruit—love, joy, peace, longsuffering, etc.: By bearing each other’s burdens-by the tender forbearance each has for the other’s weaknesses. By the love and harmony that exist in each little company, and above all the fervent love for the "brethren"—the love that "never faileth."


2. How to encourage oneness: By studying Christ, our Elder Brother, and endeavoring to be like Him in all things. By our love and humility and sympathy endearing ourselves to one another. By more love for character, and less for outward appearances. By never disagreeing on non-essentials, but standing firm, on doctrine and principle. By the putting aside of self, esteeming the other better than oneself. By loving, earnest consideration of each member of the Body of Christ.


3. WHAT WILL HINDER ONENESS: I know of nothing that will hinder oneness so much as faultfinding among the brethren—picking out and dwelling on the weaknesses of one another. We are to know one another only after the Spirit, but if some look on the flesh there can be no harmony. Criticism, thoughtless or unkind censure, separates hearts. Neglect to assemble with the Lord’s people and the study of God’s Word. Selfishness to will hinder—or self seeking. We should consider one another to provoke unto love and good works and so build one another up in the faith.