Letter Of Introduction To The Service of Discourse Publication

Br. Ted Smith

Dear Brethren-"fellow-servants of "THAT SERVANT":

Greetings in the love and fellowship of the Harvest Message:

I am writing to you on a matter that seems very important to me. I have in mind the defense of "Present Truth." I have observed in recent months that there are certain brethren in our midst that have a keen appreciation of the Harvest Message, and who regard this as a special provision from God in our day. I have observed further that such brethren are alert to the fact that there are serious departures from Present Truth concepts, especially on prophecy. And finally, I have observed that certain brethren have given outstanding talks in defense of the Truth and that there exists special talent in making clear the logic and Scriptural soundness of the Harvest Message.

It seems to me that it would be a great blessing if the brethren above mentioned could have access to the very best that each one has to offer and thus each one would increase his perception of Present Truth and sharpen his talents in presenting the Truth for the sake of the Lordís people in general.

I am enclosing a photocopy of an item that appeared in the news section of THE NEW YORK TIMES, Sunday, Nov. 23, 1969. The item is entitled CENTER FOR PHYSICS IN TRIESTE TRIES TO CHECK ĎBRAIN DRAINí FROM ĎTHIRD WORLD.í I hope you will read this news item carefully, for it has in it an idea that we could all use in our own midst. These men of science KNOW that they have valuable and even priceless knowledge and they specially appreciate one another and wish to fraternize with one another to increase their understanding of the various phases of knowledge that they prize so highly. Pay particular attention to the third paragraph of the second column-"These men, he continued, were isolated-and isolation in theoretical physics as in most fields of INTELLECTUAL WORK IS DEATH."

We are confronted today with determined leaders who are intent upon "taking over" every Bible Student that will conform to their sad departure from Present Truth. Specious arguments are used, one being that "brotherly love is the final test" -therefore you should not cause a disturbance but submit to the ideas without protest-so the argument goes, or is implied.

I think we should not permit ourselves to become "isolated" and possibly lose some of our zeal for the truth. I think all of us should keep in close touch so our courage will not be beaten down and so we can strengthen one another, and most important of all, so we can do everything possible for the brethren in general-whose spiritual welfare is our special responsibility.

I would like to offer you a service that will cost you something, but if you are willing to participate, I think you will benefit greatly in the way of increased perception of the Truth and increased sharpening of your natural talents. The cost I have in mind is not financial, but your willingness to provide typewritten discourses and / or "papers" such as men of science would present to their colleagues-such "papers" would of course be in the nature of reasoning and suggestions on how best to defend the Truth, with supporting Scriptures and excerpts from our Pastorís writings.

The above would be YOUR contribution. MY contribution would be to make copies of your discourses and / or "papers" and send them on to each of you. These "copies" would become your property to keep. I would not attempt to edit discourses or "papers" sent to me, but would send them on to you for your consideration and use as you saw fit. Any comments that you would wish to make (in typewritten form) on discourses or "papers" sent to you, I would copy and send them on to all of you.

Here are the names of the brethren that I have listed at present: Stanley Gorgas, Phoenix Arizona; George Tabac, Niles Illinois; Ludlow Loomis, Springfield, Ohio; Robert S. Seklemian, San Francisco, California; Robert Alexander, Los Gatos, California; Edward Lorenz, North Hollywood, California; George Wilmott, Fort Worth, Texas; Norman Rice, Santee, California; Gilbert Rice, San Diego, California; Rodney Hugelman, Fargo, North Dakota; Ralph Gaunt, Jackson, Michigan; Don Canell, Seattle Washington; Lawrence Kirkham, Seattle Washington; Dick Stewart, Bothell, Washington; Dr. Lyle Cook, Kansas City, Missouri; C. Taze Barton, Salem Oregon; Jarold R. Andres, Salem, Oregon; Kenneth W. Rawson, Edison, New Jersey; Eugene Burns, Edison, New Jersey; Jerry Leslie, Portland Oregon; W. W. Poe, Newport, Kentucky; Leon Norby, Delawanna, New Jersey. No doubt there are others that you know of that could be added to this list.

I would like to mention some outstanding talks that I have heard recently. One was given by Brother Gilbert Rice at the Portland, Oregon convention in November to this year. Brother Rice pointed out with convincing evidence that much that we hold today is not based upon a direct "thus saith the Lord," but is based upon reasoning, inference, interpretation and harmonization. The substance of this talk by Brother Rice could be profitably used by all of us in upholding Present Truth. Another talk I heard was given by Brother Lyle Cook at the Waco, Texas convention in October. It was on the subject of "STUDY" and it contained many vital points that could be used with telling force in defending the Truth. Another outstanding talk was given by Brother Lorenz-he pointed out with strong reasoning the facts that Present Truth is GODíS PROVISION for our protection and guidance here in the end of the age. I could give other examples, but the above three will be sufficient to show you what I have in mind. I hope the three brethren mentioned above will furnish us with a copy of each of the talks referred to.

I earnestly solicit your participation-share your understanding and talents AND SPIRIT with your brethren, who so earnestly desire to show their love for God and for Christ and for the Truth, by upholding the TRUTH WITH THE VERY BEST THAT IS AVAILABLE. "THERE IS NOTHING TOO GOOD FOR GODíS SERVICE" out Pastor said, and we heartily agree. Praying the Lordís blessing in all that we do, may I hear from you at your earliest convenience.

Your fellow-servant in Christ,

Theodore A. Smith