The following letters were correspondence from Brother Morton Edgar and family to Brother Frank L. Parsons of Portland Oregon in the years from 1939 to 1952.

They contain several pieces of interesting information on the Great Pyramid as well as the Bible Student movement in those years.

These letters were originally reproduced in Xerox form from the original letters. However, having passed through multiple generations, the copy quality had deteriorated to the point that it was deemed that they should be re-keyed. The two hand-written letters from Sr. Minna Edgar, were scanned as graphic images, then most of the spurious signal (paper blackening) was removed and the resultant image was printed at the top of the page. A typed interpretation of the handwriting follows at the bottom of the same page.

The original Xerox edition was produced by Br. Jerry Leslie. This edition was produced by Br. Brian Kutscher in February, 1995.

DECEMBER 29, 1939

THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS had a strange ibis-headed god named Thoth, who was reputed to be the "Measurer of Times and Seasons," and "Scribe of the Sacred Books." Thoth, however, was a myth; but the GREAT PYRAMID is declared in the real Sacred Book, the Bible, to be a sign and Witness to the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt (See Isa xix:19, 20). The GREAT PYRAMID is now known to be the true "Measurer of Celestial Times and Seasons."


29 DEC 1939

Dear Brother Parsons, I am forwarding by book-post in three packets the two volumes you require, and some of the Pyramid booklets, besides others (in all: 2 cloth-bound books, 15 paper-bound booklets, and two pamphlets, which I trust will prove of interest to you and the brethren with you).

Yes, I have heard of the interest that the "British Israel" sect is seeking to arouse in your part of the country, also in the Western part of Canada. But one wonders if real interest is being manifested amongst the people in general.

I rather doubt it. It is quite true that the "Watch Tower Society" should be upholding the true way of understanding the Great Pyramid, -but this is where "Judge" R. has betrayed us.

However we must take it that the Lord has permitted this for a wise purpose, to manifest those of the brethren who are truly His, and love the truth. When "Judge" R. discarded the teaching of the Great Pyramid, he discarded the works of Brother Russell too. At that Detroit Convention in 1928, where this Evil Servant denounced the inspired testimony of the Lordís Stone Sign and Witness, he did not permit a single copy of any of Brother Russellís "Studies", or any of the booklets of Brother Russell, to appear in the book-stalls. The only books on sale (were) those of "Judge" R. And in the elaborate program of the Convention, no mention whatever was made of Brother Russellís books, whereas there were colored illustrations of the various books and booklets of that "Evil Servant". Did you particularly notice this?

The discarding of my books on the Great Pyramid was a mere detail, the great betrayal was in the discarding of the books of that "Faithful and Wise Servant".

A lot of the brethren think that I was "cut up" because "Judge" R. denounced the Great Pyramid at that Detroit Convention, and later in the "Watch Tower".

How little they understand my attitude in this matter, -for as a matter of fact I was reassured in my faith, for I had for some time previously expected this very move of that Evil Servant. I knew that his confessed belief in the Great Pyramidís inspired testimony was insincere, -a make-believe. His outburst at the Convention in Detroit was merely his revealing his true attitude, -and his denunciation of the Great Pyramid was but a cloak for his real and vital denunciation, namely, his casting out of the faith-inspiring books of Brother Russell. Previous to his public denunciation of the books on the Great Pyramid, "Judge" R. had already showed his hand, in the Brooklyn Bethel, when he declared to the brethren there that he had now discarded the testimony of the Great Pyramid. This was sometime in May, 1928, -some of the Bethel brethren, who were much interested in the Great Pyramid, and always had been from the first, wrote me in this connection, saying at the same time that so far as they were concerned they still believed in the Witness to the Lord, no matter what "Judge" R. said against it. Brother Van Amburgh was one those who declared his continued faith in the Bible in Stone (he had just shortly before written an article on the Pyramid, which appeared in the "Golden Age", and which had to be reissued in a later copy, for the demand was so great, thus proving the immense interest manifested by the brethren in general in the Great Pyramid). But even Brother Van Amburgh had to hide his faith, when he was how determined "Judge" R. was to get rid of the witness of the Pyramid. The fact is, "Judge" R. was jealous, -jealous of the attention that the Great Pyramid was undoubtedly getting, and probably jealous of the interest manifested in the Pyramidís teaching through that article by Brother Van Amburgh (which, by the way, Brother Van Amburgh could not have written without my direct assistance!).

You ask about the two sons of my late Brother John, -one died a few years ago, the elder one. The other now lives in America, and has done so for several years, in fact since the end of the 1914 war. John, the elder one, manifested some interest in the truth, though not so much as we had hoped he might. The other one, Stanley, does not keep up his interest, I am sorry to say. But we trust that one day he will get an awakening, and remember his one-time faith. Immediately after the death of their father, these two joined the Bethel in London, taking their part in the work of the Society for some little time. But their experience there does not seem to have been to their spiritual welfare. They became skeptical because of the manifest lack of love in the older members of the Bethel staff, who should have been an example in faith and love. Personally I do not know much about the matter, but they could not fail to see that the faith and love of my two nephews was being undermined in some way. They both left the Society before the outbreak of the 1914 war. I shall be glad to hear from you again, soon.

Your loving brother, MORTON EDGAR

APRIL 14, 1948


14 APR 1948

Dear Brother Parsons, Greetings in the Lord, in whom our hopes are centered.

To comply with the Postal and the Customs regulation, I have to make out a formal account, or invoice, certifying that I have sent this to you, and handling a copy of it to the authorities here. They seem to be particular about this, both in this country and in U.S.A. Hence the enclosed account.

In two of your letters you mention about my mailing you 100 copies of the Pyramid booklet. I shall forward these in the course of a few days, but I have not added their cost to the enclosed account, as it is best to keep the Slides as an item by themselves. The 100 booklets =$ 3.25, including the cost of postage.

I understand that the Slides are now on their way to you, according to the Slide-Maker, and the English Customs office. (Two parcels.) By the by, it occurred to me that the diagram showing a pyramid with detached head-stone as in Vol. 1 "Studies", page 83, would be a good slide to add to the list. So I inserted this particular diagram-slide at the head of the second paragraph of No. 54, giving it the number "54A". That is why the full list comprises 119 slides, instead of the 118 at first arranged for.

As mentioned in one of my letters to you, it is easy to add further slides to the list, and I quite appreciate your suggestion that the diagram showing the date of our Lordís Presence in 1874 A.D. would be a good addition. At present I have no diagram directly connected with the Pyramid which shows the date 1874, -Slides made from the chronological features could demonstrate this date, but this would be apart from the Pyramid.

The 1874 date is, nevertheless, marked in the Pyramidís time-measurements-If you happen to have the smaller Pyramid books, "Scientific Features" and "Time Features", you will see the diagrams in this connection.

See pages 89-94 in the "Scientific" booklet, and pages 90-92 in the "Time" booklet.

But these indications of the 1874 date are away down in the subterranean parts, and one would like to see an indication somewhere at the upper end of the Gallery. As you are aware, Brother Russell drew our attention to the opening of the small passage that leads from the top of the East wall of the Gallery to the "Chambers of Construction" (See Vol. III "Studies" bottom of page 364 on to page 365). His suggestion is that this opening indicated that our Lord entered from the heavens, to help the Church, in 1874. While the actual measurements he used are now known to be erroneous (the South wall of the Gallery does not lean outward seven inches, but, rather, 21 1/4 inches, -nor did Smyth say that the South wall leaned .5 outward seven inches, for this was the calculation of some other Pyramid student after Smythís day, and the error has been copied by subsequent writers without further investigation), the thought expressed by Brother Russell may be accepted as correct. By the accurate measurements, recognising the 1914-date indication at the virtual floor-end of the Gallery, the date 1874 A.D. is indicated by the opening of the passage to the "Construction Chambers." Also the date 1878 is appropriately indicated by this opening.

But this is a "long story"! and the explanation must come later, the Lord willing.

With much love in His Name, your loving brother, MORTON EDGAR

JULY 23, 1948


23 JUL 1948

Dear Brother Parsons, Your welcome letter arrived while I was from home (I gave five Pyramid talks in England).

As soon as possible I forwarded the 100 Pyramid booklets and the six copies each of the three larger works (making eleven packets in all, -the amounts entered in the invoices for the small booklets are not correct, as I was hurrying to get them off to the mail. The rate for the 100 booklets is $3.50 and the 18 larger works $9.00. (If you could add, say $1.50 for packing and postage, I would appreciate it, -but I leave this to you).

At the end of your letter (dated 21st June 1948) you add: "I am still waiting for the explanation of the 1874 date at the South end of the Grand Gallery".

But, of course, I did not promise that I would give the explanation immediately, because my idea is to reserve this for volume 3 "Pyramid Passages"! But as it is probably a while yet before I can issue this 3rd volume (it is a big job), I shall try, by the Lordís help to give you some idea as to how this feature is indicated, without a diagram, however, in the meantime.

As Brother Russell so well points out, the correct understanding of the Well-Shaft is the "Key" that unlocks the symbolical message of the building, -or, to quote his words: "Yes, that ĎWellí is the key, so to speak, to the whole story"; then he goes on to explain his meaning (See page 337 in Vol.3 "Studies").

He begins this section of his Pyramid chapter by quoting from the letter of Robert Menzies which he wrote to Smyth: "From the North beginning of the Grand Gallery, in upward progression, begin the years of our Saviorís life, expressed at the rate of an inch to a year. Three and thirty inch-years, therefore, bring us right over against the mouth of the well.í" This is correct, "over against the mouth of the well", but not to any definite point of that Mouth, such as the exact centre of the opening.

Nevertheless, a measurement of 33" (or 33 1/2" as it should be) brings us close enough to the middle of the Well-Mouth, to indicate the time of our Lordís death and resurrection, and above all the facts of the death and resurrection.

By this time-measurement, the North wall of the Grand Gallery marks the date of our Lordís birth into this world as the "Man Christ Jesus", Autumn of the year 2 BC, and therefore the upper South-end of the Gallery marks the date 1881, Autumn (1881 1/2 years from Autumn 2 B.C.).

Brother Russell understood that in this year, 1881 A.D. the "General Call" of the Church came to an end. We believe that this is correct, and should stand, even though we see reason to note that the precise date marked

.7 by the North wall of the Gallery is Spring of the year 33 A.D., when our Lord died, and rose again. The open Mouth of the Well-Shaft at the lower, North, end of the Gallery symbolizes the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, thus providing a way of escape from the death-sentence on the human race, but the actual date of Christís death and resurrection is marked by the Galleryís North wall. In this time-feature, therefore, the South wall of the Gallery marks the date 1914 A.D.

Measuring back along the floor-line from the North wall of the Gallery 33 1/2", representing the 33 1/2 years of our Lordís earthly life, from his birth to his death, we reach that point on the floor of the upper end of the First Ascending Passage which is in horizontal alignment with the floor of the Queenís Chamber. This is very appropriate in the symbolism of the Pyramid, because our Lord was born into this world a perfect Man, therefore on the "Plane of Human Perfection", -the Queenís Chamber symbolizes perfect human life.

The point on the floor-line at the upper end of the First Ascending Passage, where the produced horizontal line of the Queenís Chamber floor intersects, thus marks the date of Christís birth as the Man Christ Jesus; and the 331/2" from that intersection up the floor-line to the North-beginning of the Gallery represents the 33 1/2 years of our Lord under the Law of Moses, which Law he observed perfectly to the end of his earthly course. He "fulfilled" the Law, and by his death he "took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross" (Col 2:14). We read further that "Christ is the end of the Law for righteousness to every one that believeth" (Ro 10:4). Thus we perceive how the Pyramid, by its symbolism and measurements, confirms the Scriptural teaching, that those of the Law Age who had faith in Christ, passed from Moses into Christ (although there is no Scripture which express this truth in these exact words, -but the statement is correct and in accord with the Scriptural teaching). As we read: "He came unto his own [the people of Israel who were under the Law of Moses], and his own received him not. But as many as received him, to them gave he power [privilege] to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: which were born [begotten], not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God" -the believing Jews received the great privilege of passing from under the Law of Moses, into the glorious liberty of sonship, so well represented by the Grand Gallery in the Pyramid (Joh 1:11- 13).

The period of 33 1/2 years of our Lordís earthly life, during the last 3 1/2 years of which he was the Son of God in a special sense from the time of his baptism of the Holy Spirit at Jordan, is clearly represented by the final 331/2" of the First Ascending Passage; for as a Jew under the Law of Moses he died on the cross. This may be regarded as the Key-measurement of the passage-system, because all the time-measurements, corroborating the time-features of the Scriptures, are based upon it. That is why I emphasize this 33 1/2"

.8 measurement in my Pyramid books (See diagrams, page 82 Vol. I "G.P.P.", page 56 Vol. II). This particular 33 1/2" measurement, in direct connection with the symbolical meaning of each part of the building connected with it, establishes the indication of the North Wall of the Gallery, that it, the date Spring of the year 33 A.D., 33 1/2 years from Autumn of the year 2 B.C., the date of our Lordís birth.

Measuring up the floor of the Gallery, we find that the South terminal of the passage marks the date Autumn of the year 1914. Measuring back 40" from the Galleryís South end-wall, on the incline of the Galleryís floor-line, we can fix a point on that inclined floor (howbeit covered here by the great Step) that marks the date 40 years before 1914, that is, 1874 A.D. This particular 1874-point can be shown to be related to the opening of the little horizontal passage that leads to the "Chambers of Construction" above the Kingís Chamber. This connection is, of course, by measurements, and by the exact location of the opening referred to. Brother Russell saw this feature, and gave the correct date 1874, but not by the correct measurements. Nevertheless the correct measurements, now known, uphold his conclusions.

Briefly, Brother Russell drew our attention to this opening in the upper corner of the East wall of the Grand Gallery, high above the "Step" (See page 365 of Vol.3 of "Studies"). He points out that the opening (which is small, but large enough to allow a man to pass through) connects with the unfinished spaces above the Kingís Chamber. The roofs of these spaces are level, but the floors are very uneven and unfinished.

Commenting upon this feature, Brother Russell says: "In the Pyramidís symbolical language, that opening says, ĎHere a heavenly One entered-One who needs no floors to walk upon, but who can come and go like the wind.í And Professor Smythís careful measurements of this South wall of the Grand Gallery inform us that it is not exactly perpendicular, but leans over at the top seven inches. The Pyramid thus says to us, ĎSeven years before the close of the high calling [before October 1881] the great One from the heavens will enterí."

Later measuring by Petrie, confirmed by my own measuring in 1912 during my second visit to the Pyramid, proves that the "lean-over" measurement of seven inches is not correct, the true distance being a little over 21". Remembering that the South wall of the Gallery marks, not 1881 primarily, but, rather, 1914, as explained, the date of our Lordís entry at his Second Advent, that is, 1874, is indicated by the middle-point of the opening, we find that this line would touch that point on the inclined floor of the Gallery which is 40" down from the floor-terminal of the Gallery-floor, the terminal which indicates the date 1914 A.D. By this method of measuring, the actual opening of the small passage that leads to the Chambers of Construction is recognized, and the symbolical significance as pointed out by Brother Russell is upheld. Also, in confirmation, the vertical distance from the bottom of the.9 small rectangular opening high up in the East wall of the Gallery, and the point on the inclined floor which marks 1874, when duplicated horizontally from this 1874-mark in a direct Southward direction, will be found to touch the vertical line of the North wall of the Kingís Chamber, thus indicating that the King will enter his Kingdom-honors in 1874.

But I must close now.

With love in His Name, MORTON EDGAR

AUGUST 3, 1948


3 AUG 1948

Dear Brother Parsons, I am glad to hear from you again; and I send you my greetings in the Lord. By this time you will probably have received my letter which I mailed, by ordinary mail, on 25th July, 1948. And I am now answering your further communication dated 29th July 1948, and which arrived in the afternoon today (3rd August).

I note that you want the eleven Hymn slides. All of these are appropriate for our purpose, being selected from the "Dawn" Hymnal, and arranged to fit into the lecture "Pyramid Portrayal" = Thus: OPENING, Hymn 237, verse 1, and verse 2. AFTER PART I, Hymn 63, verse 1, verse 2, verse 3, verse 4, (verse 5 omitted), verse 6. AFTER PART II, Hymn 316, verse 1, verse 2, verse 3, (the wording of the three verses of this Hymn 316 in the slides not quite the same as in the Dawn Hymnal, but they are appropriate, and go with the music). CLOSE, AFTER PART III, the single verse of Hymn 234.

In the above, each verse is on a slide of its own (thus eleven slides in all); and the verses are set in a scenic background, coloured.

OTHER SLIDES:- From "Spiritual Symbolism" book Map of the Pyramids of Gizeh (upper section of the diagram on page 14) Trial Passages (page 30) Chart of the Ages (page 42) From "Scientific Features" book The ??(Pi) illustration (page 20) Diagram of Earthís Axis of Rotation (page 23) Diagram of levels, with measurements (page 44) Southern end of Gallery, diagram showing Step (page 84) Old World diagram (page 94) Diagram of outer end of Descending Passage (page 95) From "Time Features" book Rest & Restitution chart (No. 8 on page 25) The Entrance of Great Pyramid, showing arrangement of the masonry at the North beginning of the Descending Passage (diagram on page 88) In your letter of July 29th, after No. 4 in your list, you say: "Adamís day-Page 44, all of that page" (i.e., page 44 of the Scientific Features book).

I am not quite sure about the title of this diagram, "Adamís Day".

Have you in mind Sections XXV to XXVII, pages 141 to 147 of Vol. II "Pyramid Passages"? At all events I shall go ahead with the preparation

.11 of the various slides from the diagrams mentioned (will require to get special negatives made for these), and also the eleven Hymn slides.

There should be time enough for you to write again before I can get all these slides made, and colored.

I understand you desire me to forward still another lot of 100 "Pyramid and the Bible" booklets? I can send these as soon as I hear from you (But on reading your letter again I note that you want me to start off this additional 100, that they may arrive in good time for the September Convention, -so I shall just send them off at once!) By the by, please keep the money order, or check, or draft, whichever you use, for the slides separate from the booklets account.

(This is for the customs, who regard the slides as "Merchandise", which apparently must be accounted for specially.) I shall send the account for the slides when I hear from my slide-maker.

A correction: I notice that in my last letter to you, when speaking about the small opening high up in the East wall of the Gallery (see last few lines of page 3 of that letter), I inadvertantly referred to said opening as "rectangular". But of course, the small openingís top and bottom runs with the slope, of incline, of the Gallery, while the South and North sides of the opening are perpendicular. Therefore the small opening is not a rectangle, but a rhomboid (which is a figure like a rhomb, but having only the opposite sides equal-look up the Dictionary!).

With love in Him, to you and the dear brethren with you, MORTON EDGAR

SEPTEMBER 16, 1948


16 SEP 1948

Dear Brother Parsons, The Slide-maker now has your further lot of slides in hand, and they should be ready soon. But, as think I explained before, the postal authorities in this country will not let us mail the packet to you until they see the actual International Postal Order, or a check through a bank, in payment for same. So I herewith let you know the amount due on the slides (which is all that concerns them), and the extra amount due for necessary negatives made from the diagrams, and the cost of packing and postages: 21 colored slides, at 75ó eachó- =$ 15.75 2 plain slides, at 50ó eachóó- = 1.00 Total amount for slidesó- =$ 16.75 8 new negatives, from diagrams, at 25ó = 2.00 Packing and postages (at home and to U S A) = 3.00 Amount to be kept apart from slide a/c =$ 5.00 Note: You should send a five-dollar bill, in a registered letter, for the lower account, but the $16.75 had best be sent by an International Money Order, or by a check through a bank with a New York connection.

I am sorry to trouble you in this way, but we must observe their regulations, so that the slides may reach you safely and without further trouble.

I received a Money Order for $18.00 on 26th Aug. This is to pay for the Pyramid booklets, I believe.

With much love in the Lord, and praying His blessing on your labor of love in His Service, Your loving brother by His favor, {Hand-written note in margin follows:} Note: The diagram on page 44 of the "Scientific Features" book had already gone through the Slide-makerís hands when your further instructions for the diagram on page 147 of the "Time Features" book arrived. So both those diagrams are included in the set.

Will this be all right? MORTON EDGAR

JANUARY 13, 1949


13 JAN 1949

Dear Brother Parsons, I am very glad to hear from you, that you are on the road to recovery. That is good news! And I duly received the $1.65 in payment for the set of three Pyramid booklets sent to the Sister. So that makes us square to date, -the original Order has not so far turned up, nor is it likely to now.

I am interested to learn about Adam Rutherford being in Los Angeles. He is evidently making a tour, -the last time I heard of him he was in Chicago.

He was in the Truth originally, being a member of the Glasgow class for a number of years, until, unfortunately he took up with the so-called "British Israel" teaching. So I expect his address would be to this company in Los Angeles.

All the time he was in the Glasgow class he was against the "B.I.", but after I took him out with me to the Pyramid in 1925 (incidentally paying all his expenses for this trip), he seemed to think that he could gain more by changing over to the B.I. And so he deserted me, abruptly (!), leaving me in Egypt to do as I liked, and forgetting all his obligations to me (forgetting me too), and came home to Glasgow to write a book in connection with the Pyramid, and against Judge Rutherford (I have never read the book, -and while he was with me he never said a word about writing a book, for he knew that I was going to write a book). When I took A.R. with me to the Pyramid in 1925, he promised to be of great help to me, and to the brethren through me.

But all this was forgotten; and as it turned out he was of no help at all, from first to last, -he could not stand the peculiar climate of Egypt, and constantly complained of his indisposition, all the time he was with me. I was always waiting for him to get better, so that we could get some of the work done that we had mapped out before leaving Glasgow. But he never seemed to get well enough to do anything; and then he suddenly announced to me that he was going home, -with all our work undone! He had made arrangements with those at home to leave me, and told me nothing about it until the last.

Apparently he had taken up with the "British Israel" people at home, by correspondence, and they had evidently promised him support. At least that is how it has turned out, judging by later developments.

We in Glasgow heard that he had become a "Doctor of Divinity" (he is quite a clever man in his way), but have not had confirmation of the report. Of course, needless to say, he has never at any time come amongst the brethren of the Glasgow class to which he used to belong, that is, since his return to Glasgow from Egypt.

He is by no means an "Egyptologist", for he knows nothing about Egpyt and Egyptian antiquities. I rather think that his new friends of the "British Israel" community, many of whom are quite influential people in the world, have helped him to "rise". We read that the world loves its own. He has gone astray from the Truth, and he now no longer believes in the Bible Chronology, which he once professed to think so much of, having gone right back to the Chronology of Ussher (4000 B.C. for the creation of Adam, etc.). So all his ideas with regard to the Pyramid, at least so far as the chronology is concerned, are right off the lines. But he thinks he is right, of course, and is quite confident. We on the other hand know he is entirely wrong!

However, enough of A.R. As we see, there is a lot of real interest in the Great Pyramid, otherwise there would not be so many lectures on it. If the brethren had not been led astray be Judge R., they could have been foremost in declaring the Pyramidís true message. But this was not to be, for the Lord had other designs as to the time of the Pyramidís testimony, -and we shall abide by His leading, knowing it will be best in the long run.

I gave a talk on the Pyramid last Sunday (9th Jan.), the title of my talk being: "Jesus Christ, Godís Unspeakable Gift to mankind, as illustrated by the Great Pyramid". We were agreeably surprised to find so many turned out to the lecture, more especially as we had not been able to announce it except by one little advertisement in a Saturday Evening newspaper. All who were present listened very attentively, and a number expressed their appreciation. I always feel, somehow, that I can never do full justice to the subject, -so much that could have been said having been left out. But then, after all, it is a very large subject, and I donít suppose that enough ever will be said about it, like the Bible in that respect, -and the Pyramidís testimony is a corroboration of the Written Word.

When we contemplate how wonderful it is that God, the great Architect of the Monument, was able by a few simple passages and chambers, to depict every feature of His marvelous Plan of the Ages, with all the Chronology and times and seasons, as well as the many Scientific features we can see how Satan sought to "kill" this testimony as being dangerous to his plans. Judge R. was the willing instrument to denounce the inspired testimony of the Lordís "Sign" and "Witness", just as Judas was the willing instrument to cause the death of our Lord, by betraying him.

Well, we know that Satan overreached himself, for the death of our Lord was the means in Godís hands of bringing salvation to the world of mankind, and the destruction of Satan. So it would seem that the Lord has so overruled matters, that the Pyramidís testimony is more sure than ever, and its denunciation by Judge R. has served to draw more attention to it and its inspired message of life and good-will to mankind.

I shall be glad to hear from you again in due course, and to know when you are quite recovered.

With much love in the Lord, as always, Your loving brother by His grace,

P.S. By the by, while my supposed "helper" abandoned me abruptly, leaving me to carry on as best I was able by myself, the Lord made it up to me, abundantly! For after he left, the work at the Pyramid really began!

It so happened that the "Acting Director General" of the Antiquities Department, next in command to the Director General himself, was a Scotsman like myself, from Edinburgh, and his name, strangely, was Edgar! I told him that I regarded this as a good omen for my work; and he became quite interested in what I proposed to do, by permission, of course, of the Antiquities Department. It was largely through him, I understand, that the Authorities granted me all my desire in connection with my work (He is dead now, I am told, and he was such a good friend to me).

While the Acting Director General was very sympathetic he was not in the position to grant me the necessary authority, which only the Director General himself could do, -and he, a Frenchman (Mr. P. Lacau) was still in France and we had to await his return to duty. But when he came back, he immediately showed interest, -and he granted me all my desire! I told him, through the Acting D.R., that I desired the debris cleared away from the Western part of the Northern base (because this part had been left encumbered with debris when a previous excavator [Professor Reisner, of the Harvard University Expedition] had cleared the debris from the central parts of the Northern Base-line).

My idea was to get a corner-to-corner Base-line measurement of the North front of the building, right along the surface of the bare rock.

This was agreed to right away, -and I subsequently extended my request to clearing the entire Northern face of the Pyramid, so that no debris whatever would remain along this North side of the building. It was all agreed to, much to my surprise and delight! Also I wanted the Southern Base-line of the Pyramid cleared, and this was likewise agreed to (but as it turned out I had to complete this side myself at my own expense, as I explain in my notes accompanying the Slides, sent to you).

I next desired that all the debris should be cleared out of the Pyramidís interior passages and chambers, particularly the Subterranean Chamber, -and this was duly accomplished, by the Antiquities Department.

So you see, I had quite a busy time of it, after I was left to myself.


NOVEMBER 8, 1949


8 NOV 1949

Dear Brother Parsons, I mailed off the various booklets on Saturday, 5th Nov.

and I trust you get delivery in good time. I sent off the lot in six book-packets, and the remittance was duly paid by the Postal authorities.

The Bible Chronology, first presented to us by Brother Russell, is contained in Vol. IV "Horae Apocalypticae", by the Rev. E.B. Elliot, who presents "The Scriptural Chronology of the World" in a list identical to that used in Vol. II "Studies". This list was copied by Grattan Guinness in his "Approaching End of the Age", page 292. Elliott shows that up to the year 5974, the year of publication of his work, counting from Adamís Creation, coincides with the date 1846 A.D. 26 years added brings us to 1872 A.D., which is 6000 years from Adamís Creation. As I say, Guinness copied this list, but neither he nor Elliott accepted it as being the true Bible Chronology.

As we can see, they made a mistake in rejecting what was manifestly the real Bible Chronology, whereas Brother Russell accepted it, thus showing his wisdom, being guided as we believe by the Lord. Subsequent studies have certainly proved that Brother Russell was correct in accepting this list of Bible Chronology.

Why did not Elliott and Guinness accept this list which they both present? Because they were mixed up by the Canon of Ptolomy, which Canon they seemed to place on a par with the Scriptures. But the Lord opened the eyes of Brother Russell, so that he was not mixed up; and He has opened our eyes of understanding also, for which we thank Him.

No, we do not require to give up Ration Point for food-packets received from U.S.A., and they come through duty-free. Almost anything is acceptable in the food line, as we are restricted in most things. Sugar is one of the things most acceptable, and canned fruit. Speaking for myself(!) Chocolate, plain is very acceptable. We are rationed for candy (sweets to us here), and are allowed only 4 ozs a week, -one pound weight for a four-week period. Raisins are not so easy for us to get, and we require to give up a good number of points per lb. (when we can get them at all). Canned meat, like corned meat, and tongue, are also very acceptable. Maybe this list will give you some sort of an idea as to what the brethren might like.

Your list of Chronological dates is good, and I could not do any better. I could get a slide made, of course, but it is not so easy mailing merely one slide.

However, if you desire it, just let me know.

I am very glad to hear from you, and to know that you are gradually getting stronger. We are none of us very well at present, in the way of physical strength. I myself have been warned by the doctor to "walk slowly" owing to my heart, and low blood pressure (I am fully 75 years of age now). But the Lord is good to us, is He not; and we have that measure of health and strength from day to day to enable us to carry on.

I shall be glad to hear from you again, soon, and to know how you get on in the narrow way. Is seems to be a pity that so many of the dear brethren are loosing their faith in the times and seasons, and especially their faith in our Lordís Presence. It seems to be quite "Fashionable" amongst the brethren to doubt the Presence of the Lord; and yet Brother Russell showed us that we could not claim to be in "Present Truth" if we do not believe that our Lord and Head is now Present, -and that the members of His Body began to be raised from the dead in 1878, since which all who die in the Lord do not sleep in death, but are changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, to be with their Lord and fellow members, who are already raised. You may have noted that this English "Moment", is a translation of the Greek "Atom", as you will see in the Diaglott. An Atom of time is the smallest possible space of time.

And although we speak freely about the Atom now-a-days, we know that no one has ever seen an atom, not even through the most powerful Electronic Microscope.

With much love in Lord, as always, Your loving brother, {Hand-written note in the left margin:} It was a real pleasure to send you these booklets.

Phone: Polloh 1289. MORTON EDGAR

JANUARY 1, 1950

27 Aytoun Road Glasgow, S. 1.


Dear Bro. Parson, My brother Morton is very seriously ill-not expected to recover. His heart is enlarged & is not working well. Dr. says he may die any day, but thank God he is not in pain. His breathing is distressing.

We thank you, dear Brother for the parcel of good things you sent to Morton. It arrived the other day in good condition. It is wonderful how we in this country are fed. The greatest shortage is sugar, but we have all we need. Thank you for the nice lump sugar.

I am glad to know you have the joyful hope & it seems that the churchís pilgrimage is nearing the end of the way. So many are ill, but it seems from all I hear that the dear Lord sustains & comforts His own in the dark valley. With my love in the dear Saviour & in our dear Father,

I am, Your Sister by His grace, Minna Edgar

FEBRUARY 2, 1950

Etal Villa -North Shields


Dear Bro. Parsons, Thank you for your kind letter & sympathy. My dear brother Morton died on Feb. 6th at 5:45 pm & was buried on Thurs in our family burying place, in Eastwood Cemetery. He was semi-conscious for some weeks, and did not seem to have much pain. He went to bed on 13th Jan-& had no real conversation after that, he was not alert in his mind for that. I used to kiss his dear forehead but he did not give any sign of having known I had done so. We had two nurses for him one day & one night, so he had every attention. His death is a great loss to me, but I am truly thankful that he reached the end of his pilgrimage before me-for that was his expressed wish-that I wo(uld) be spared to see him away. Although it was very wet & stormy for days before his burial & also after the 9th yet we were thankful that the many dear friends who assembled in the graveyard did not get wet-even the pathways wh(ich) had been so muddy, firmed up with the slight frost that day, so I felt it was a token to us of the Fatherís love & care for his own.

I have not been very well, and dear Sister Laillís sister invited us both to her house here in England for a change & rest, so we came here on Mon. & are receiving much kindness. But I am not very well-so dear Brother excuse this short letter. With love in the Lord to you & friends.

Yours in the glorious hope, Minna Edgar

SEPTEMBER 30, 1952

Miss Annie E. Macdonald. 144, Dorchester Avenue. GLASGOW, W.2. SCOTLAND.

Sept. 30th, 1952.

Mr. F. L. Parsons. 128 N.E. 50th Avenue. PORTLAND, OREGON.

Dear Mr. Parsons, Some time ago a letter of yours reached this city addressed to Mrs. Marion E. McArthur at the address of the late Mr. Morton Edgar. Owing to summer holiday the trustees of the above estate did not receive same, [the house at 27 Aytoun Road has been disposed of by the way, since 1950 at the time of the death of the above and his sister], but being one of the trustees and a niece, and a sister in the Lord, having an interest in the things of the Lord, I have made an effort after reading your letter early this month, to trace the Pyramid slides. There are none, Mr. Bone thought at one time there might be a few, but has not been able to trace these in his premises. He may have mentioned at one time there might be some, but this definitely is not so.

Messrs Bone & Hulleyís business is in the market for sale, and Mr. Bone himself is semi-retired and hopes to be finishing up by the end of the year. On this account, all the stock of EDGAR PUBLICATIONS were passed on to an American firm, and there were no slides at all. So we can just say you are fortunate to have procured them in the days gone by.

So far as desiring to reduce the size., -this is quite commendable, and the trustees give you every liberty to do so, since they are your own, providing they are not for resale. The copyrights for all writings etc. is being kept in the family, and not passed on. This same stipulation was given regarding the printing of a Pyramid Chart or two, only to be for private use to the extent of one or two drawings only. The copyrights have not expired, but this written concession by one of the trustees you can take as an authority on the matter.

Our purpose is to act as Bro. Morton would, we think, have expressed, since it concerns the things of God. I trust this is satisfactory to you, and regret delay.

Yours in the Lordís service, [Miss]

P.S. Am enclosing- very important diagram sent me from a Brother Hugo Karlen, SWEDEN., -return it. Brother Karlen has many diagrams he has devoted himself to in respect to corroborating the Pyramid features.

MARCH 9, 1950 EDGAR 27 Aytoun Road Glasgow, S.1 Scotland

Mrs. Marion E. McArthur and Miss Annie E. Macdonald regret to announce that their uncle MORTON EDGAR died on Monday, 6th February, 1950 and their dear aunt MINNA EDGAR died on Thursday, 9th March, 1950