May-June 1997
Theme: The Minor Prophets

Editors' Journal
Introducing the theme of an investigation into the minor prophets of the Old Testament.

Plowshares Into Swords
What the book of Joel has to say about the Day of the Lord."

The Punishment of Edom
The prophecy of Obadiah related not only to the invasion of Babylon but also has prophetic ramifications for our times.

Three Galileeans
The relationship between Jonah and Jesus examined, with a side look at the prophet Nahum.

The Vision is Sure
The prophet Habakkuk gives a reassuring message of restoration with no undue delay.

Removing All Things
Zephaniah sees a vision of the Day of the Lord with great meaning to our own day,

Rebuilding God’s House
Haggai, the prophet of the restoration, urges the people to finish the temple of God.

Wise Words to a Wayward Son
This verse by verse study in Proverbs 31 deals with a prophecy spoken to King Solomon by his mother, Bathsheba.

News & Views
News of prophetic interest from around the world