January-February 1998

Theme: The Year in Review

Introducing the theme of the The Year in Review

Studying Today’s News
Principles for the application of prophecy to current events

Clouds of Fear, Linings of Hope (World Events in 1997)
An overview of the biblically significant events of 1997

Wealth of the Nations (The Economy)
A look at the economy as it relates to the prophetic picture

Keeping the Garden (The Ecology)
Man's responsibility to care for planet Earth

Significant items from the news media of events around the world.

A Retrospective Look at the Fulfillment of Time Prophecy
Why time prophecy is important for the Christian to study

News from a Century Ago (Echoes from the Past)
A perspective of world events as viewed in 1897

Scoffers in the Last Days (Verse by verse Bible Study in 2 Peter 3)
This verse by verse study in 2 Peter 3 shows how the early church viewed the end times.

Earth, As Well As Heaven
An essay showing god's promises for everlasting on earth as well as in heaven

Instead (Poem)

Poems and Short Features:
Will Present Resources Last Forever
Earth’s Brighter Day