March-April 2000
Theme: Impacts of the Cross

Introducing the theme of Impacts of the Cross, showing how the crucifixion of Jesus affected his contemporaries.

Anointed for Burial
An act of devotion by Mary of Bethany

Behold Thy Son!
The concerns of Mary, the loving mother of Jesus

Healing a Guilty Conscience
The mixed emotions of the beloved and impetuous Peter

What Is Truth?
Trial before a just, but pressured, Pontius Pilate

A Witness at the Citadel
The impact on Joanna, a disciple in the courts of King Herod

An Honorable Servant of the Lord
The deep love of Mary Magdalene for her Savior and friend

Why Look Ye for the Living Among the Dead?
A verse by verse study in Matthew 28

Six Infractions of Jewish Law
The Trial of Jesus Chirst

Devotional Prose and Poetry
A choice selection of poetry and devotional readings

Excerpts from the World’s press