May-June 2001
Theme: Christian Relationships

In the Beginning
Introducing theme of Christian Relationships

What is a Christian? What Are His Standards?
Outlining the requirements of a true disciple of Christ.

When Believers Marry
The behavior of a Christian spouse toward his or her mate.

The Royal Law
The Christian as a citizen and neighbor.

News and Views
Current events of interest to students of the Bible.

In the Days of thy Youth
Living the Christian life as a teen-ager in today’s world.

Applied Christianity at the Office
Christian principles in the workplace.

Preparing for Graduation
The Christian senior prepares for graduation from the School of Christ.

Building a Spiritual Temple
A verse-by-verse study in 1 Peter 2.

Poems and Short Features:
The Cost of Discipleship
the Ideal Husband
The Christian Mother
Looking for the Sunrise
How Did You Die?