July-August 2003
Theme: The Gospel of Luke

In the Beginning
Introducing the theme of the Gospel of Luke

He Healed them All
Luke describes six of Jesus’ miracles which are
not found in any other gospel account.

Communing With God
More prayers of Jesus are recorded in Luke’s
gospel than in any other.

Lessons for Hearing Ears
The gospel of Luke contains 11 unique parables.
The “Rich Man and Lazarus” is one of them.

News and Views
Selected current events of interest to every Christian.   

Blessing God
The first two chapters of Luke contain four hymns
by Mary, Zachariah, the angels, and Simeon.

Faithful Women
Women provided many unique contributions
to Jesus’ ministry.

Second-class Citizens
Gentiles and Samaritans as well as women
were scorned by the Jews, but not by Jesus.

A Man of Miracles
A verse-by-verse study in Luke 5.

Poems and Short Features
The Power of Prayer
Treasures from the Gospel of Luke