November-December 2004
Theme: Symbolic Numbers

In the Beginning
Introduces the theme of Symbolic Numbers.          

The Sabbath of Rest 

The constant repetition of seven in “times and seasons” suggests a kind of divine heartbeat.



Fifteen—the number and the combination of seven and eight—consistently shows restoration.


Testing and Probation

Forty first appears with the flood; it is also the length of the reigns of Israel’s first three kings.


Symbolic Numbers           

Specific numbers, or the products and sums of numbers, provide many instructive lessons *for serious Bible students.


News and Views 

Current event of interest to Christians everywhere.


“Were Not Ten Cleansed?”           

One thankful and nine unreflective cleansed lepers provide a lesson in thankfulness.


Seven Heads, Ten Horns           

Revelation 17 contains a prophecy being fulfilled in our time with the formation of the European Union.


Poems and Short Features:

   Forgetful Neglect
   Psalm 40:5