Special History Issue

Bible Student History

In the Beginning
Introducing this special history on the history of the Bible Student movement. 

The Reformation and Martin Luther
Tracing development on the religious world from the Reformation to the Napoleonic era. 

The Midnight Cry
Showing the awakening of Christendom to the second advent of Jesus Christ under William Miller. 

Heroes of our Faith
Demonstrating how the teachings of many nineteenth Bible scholars contributed to the beliefs of the Bible Students. 

A New Wine Bottle
Outlining the work and ministry of Pastor Charles Taze Russell

Troubled Years
Looking at the transition that followed the death of Russell and how it affected the movements that followed. 

Recent Bible Student History
Attempting to review the many Bible Student movements of the present time that were an outgrowth of the ministry of Russell. 

His Pulpit Was the World
Identifying the spread of the doctrines of the Bible Student movement around the globe. 

Short Subjects 

Time-Line of Church History

Bible Student Beliefs

Henry Grew (1781-1862)

George Storrs (1796-1879)

Isaac Newton: Bible Student and Scientist 1

Henry Dunn (1801-1878)

Jonas Wendell (1815-1873)

Dunbar Isidore Heath (1816-1888)

George Stetson (1814-1879)

R. E. Streeter (1847-1924)

Dwight Moody (1835-1899)

W. Norman Woodworth (1891-1976)

And Finally

"In Memorian -- C.T.R"