July-August 2006
Theme: God As Architect

In the Beginning -- God As Architect

The Earth
From its core to the water on its surface, the earth is amazingly constructed to support complex life.

Noah’s Ark 
Although construction details are lacking, what we are told about this vessel is thrilling.

The Tabernacle
As an allegory the Tabernacle speaks of spiritual things in shapes, materials, colors, and numbers.

Solomon’s Temple 
More than just a permanent “home” for God, this structure provides lessons for us today.

News and Views 

A Call to Action
This verse-by-verse study of Haggai 1 shows the need to energize people to rebuild their temple.

Ezekiel’s Temple 
An outer court, an inner court, and a temple all unite to picture a future time for blessing all mankind.

The New Jerusalem 
The New Jerusalem as a huge cube described in Revelation 21 pictures the kingdom in all its glory.

The Temple of God  
The most impressive of all God’s workmanship
is the “top-down” temple that is the Church.

Poems and Short Features:
  The Tools of the Master Builder,  p. 25
A Miracle,  Back Cover