July/August 2007
Theme: Handling Depression

In the Beginning (Handling Depression)

Coping with Depression 
Depression can be one of a Christianís severest trials.

Jobís Depression and Final Victory 
Proper thinking helped Job through his difficult experiences.

David at Gath
In desperation, we often trust our own devices instead of trusting God.

Out of the Depths 
A verse-by-verse study of Psalm 130.

News and Views

King Saulís Woes 
A kingís erratic actions betrayed his deep depression.

Peterís Discouragement 
The beloved apostle sorrowed deeply over his shortcomings.

The Tears of a Prophet   
Jeremiah wept over the fall of Jerusalem in the book of Lamentations

As a Man Thinketh 
Developing a proper love for self can be an antidote for depression.

Poems and Short Features:
  The Burden of the Hour
,  p. 10
The Edge,  p. 13
Lifeís Journeys,  p. 24
The Rainy Day,  Back Cover