November/December 2007

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Theme: God's Oaths

In the Beginning (God’s Oaths)  Audio MP3

God’s Oaths  Audio MP3
God gave many oaths, some for good, some not.

Noah’s Covenant and the Promise Covenant  Audio MP3
As God swore to Noah, so has He sworn to Christ and His faithful church.

The Great Promises to Abraham  Audio MP3
The promise God swore to Abraham is to ALL nations.

God’s Wrath Against Israel in the Wilderness  Audio MP3
Israel rebelled ten times and lost the Promise. Will we?

God’s Oath Against the Levites   Audio MP3
Idols vary; ours might be leaders or organizations.

News and Views   Audio MP3

God’s Oath Against Moses  Audio MP3
None of us is so great as to be above the word of God.

God’s Oath Against Eli   Audio MP3
Full faithfulness requires training our children.

Sure Mercies of David  Audio MP3a  Audio MP3b
These mercies are a “Torah” [Law] of Humanity.

God’s Oath to Judah  Audio MP3
Israel’s return has begun fulfilling this promise.

Every Knee Shall Bow  Audio MP3
All families of the earth will “swear unto the LORD.”

Poems and Short Features:
   What is an Oath?
,  p. 8  Audio MP3
Why Man Should Not Swear, p. 15  Audio MP3
Zedekiah’s Broken Oath, p. 25  Audio MP3
A Seed to Bless the Nations, Back Cover  Audio MP3