January/February 2008

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Theme: Logos and Lucifer Contrasted Audio MP3

In the Beginning (Logos and Lucifer Contrasted)  Audio MP3

Wonderful Counselor    Audio MP3
Jesus has been trained to be a wise counselor.

The Prince of Peace   Audio MP3
To bring lasting peace, Jesus first satisfies justice.

The Love of the Everlasting Father  Audio MP3
The most important law to be written in the hearts of mankind will be God’s law of love.

The Mighty God   Audio MP3
Jesus employs power to implement his Father’s divine plan.

The Logos According to John  Audio MP3
He was from the beginning with God, and he was distinct from God.

News and Views  Audio MP3

That Old Serpent   Audio MP3
Pride corrupted wisdom, plunging the world into sin.

The Evil Guardian—The Devil   Audio MP3
Never a benevolent protector, the devil corrupted justice by becoming mankind’s enemy.

Satan the Accuser  Audio MP3
Satan has no love for anyone except himself; he enjoys seeing others suffer.

Leviathan, the Dragon  Audio MP3
The adversary uses fear and intimidation to further 
his goals.

Poems and Short Features:  
  God’s Garden of Beauty
, p. 6  Audio MP3
Drinking the Water, p. 11  Audio MP3
The Four Attributes of God, p. 34  Audio MP3
New Year’s Wishes, back cover   Audio MP3