November/December 2008

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Theme: How to Live the Sermon of Matt. 5-7

In the Beginning
(How to Live the Sermon of Matt. 5–7) Audio MP3

Exceeding the Righteousness of the Pharisees  Audio MP3
5:17-20, 6:1-8. Are Bible Students immune? Self or Selflessness?

Sore, Stupid!, and Scoundrel!  Audio MP3
5:21-24. Avoid evil-speaking and evil surmising

Agreeing with Thine Adversary Audio MP3
5:25-26. Swallow pride, control temper, do more than the minimum required

The Words of Jesus Regarding Marriage and Divorce  Audio MP3
5:27-32. How do we deal with it?

Yes means Yes!  Audio MP3
5:33-37. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Love Your Enemies  Audio MP3
5:38-48. How?

Some Thoughts on the Lord’s Prayer  Audio MP3
6:9-13. What are we really praying for?

News and Views Audio MP3

Forgive Us … As We Have Forgiven Others  Audio MP3
6:12-15. Do we want to be forgiven? [and have we forgotten how much we need to be forgiven?]

Where are Your Treasures?  Audio MP3
6:19-34. Provide for things honorable in the sight of all men, but how much more?

Judge Not  Audio MP3
7:1-5 vs. 1 Cor 11:31-32. What things (or people) should we judge, and what things not?

Ye Shall Know Them By Their Fruit  Audio MP3
7:13-27. Those who control self least, most demand to control others.

An Electronic Bible Study Guide  Audio MP3

Poems and Short Features  Audio MP3
 “A Lamp under a Bushel Basket,”  Back Cover