November/December 2010

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Theme: Where Did They Go Wrong?

In the Beginning  Audio MP3
(Where Did They Go Wrong?)

Israel  Audio MP3
Trust and obedience to God are needed to attain victory. Caleb had both. The nation did not.

Balaam  Audio MP3
The offer of so much money pushed Balaam into doing what he knew was wrong.

Eli  Audio MP3
Israel’s last high priest was indolent and faithless, in stark contrast to Samuel, the nation’s best judge.

Saul  Audio MP3
Saul’s humble background might have contributed to his excessive feelings of inferiority.

David  Audio MP3
Israel’s second king is the quintessential example of a fall from grace and subsequent redemption.

Joash  Audio MP3
King Joash failed because he looked on the feebleness of Elisha rather than the strength of God.

Uzziah  Audio MP3
Pride caused this good king to overstep his authority. He was struck with leprosy as a consequence.

Judas Iscariot  Audio MP3
A love of money may have contributed to the
downfall of a man who should have known better.

News and Views  Audio MP3

Poems and Short Features:
Caleb  Audio MP3