July/August 2012

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Theme: How to Talk to People about God's Plan

In the Beginning  Audio MP3
How to Talk to People about God’s Plan

To Non-Christians about Jesus  Audio MP3
Jesus is everyone’s hope for life

About the Ransom, from the Heart  Audio MP3
Our spirit can reinforce, or negate, our message

About the Ransom Sacrifice  Audio MP3
A substitutionary atonement for Adam and all

About Death and Hell  Audio MP3
Hell will be thrown into the lake of fire

About the Nature of God  Audio MP3
Jesus twice received a new nature

News and Views  Audio MP3
Reflecting current events of our time

Today in Prophecy  Audio MP3
A Rapidly Changing World

Scientists and Engineers  Audio MP3
Science emerged from Christian culture

Science vs. Tradition  Audio MP3
Observations about Science

About Christ’s Return  Audio MP3
What Christians are to do in the harvest

Estimates for the “Last Day”  Audio MP3
A little arithmetic can be instructive

About Israel  Audio MP3
Israel is coming back, while churches decline

About ALL the Nations  Audio MP3
If Jesus died for all, all should benefit

Poems and Short Features
A Rational Christian Approach   Audio MP3
How to Talk to Others   Audio MP3
    Afterword - What Knowledge Should Mean to Us
 Audio MP3
    The Spirit of Jehovah