November/December 2012

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In the Beginning  Audio MP3
Improving your Faith with Character

Adding to the Faith  Audio MP3
Putting on the Character of Jesus

Victory Through Virtue  Audio MP3
Moral Excellence

Knowledge  Audio MP3
Study to Understand

Practicing Self-Control  Audio MP3
Faithful in Temptation

News and Views  Audio MP3
Reflecting current events of our time

Today in Prophecy  Audio MP3
The Search for Immortality

Perseverance  Audio MP3
Diligence — as Moses, Paul, and Jesus

Godliness  Audio MP3
Current Benefits and Future Rewards

Brotherly Kindness  Audio MP3
Kind Affection for Christian Brethren

Agape  Audio MP3
Unselfish Love, as God Has

Poems and Short Features
    The Love of God
    It is Written 
Audio MP3
    Victory Over Self
Audio MP3

    Precious Sons of Zion