September/October 2012

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In the Beginning  Audio MP3
Sweet Psalms of Scripture

Sweeter than Honey  Audio MP3
Psalm 119, Songs of Ascent

The Magnificence of the Divine Mind
 Audio MP3
Psalm 139, an Introspective Psalm

Hallelu-Jah! The Admirable Lord God, and a Happy Man  Audio MP3
Psalms 111 and 112

News and Views
  Audio MP3
Reflecting current events of our time

Today in Prophecy  Audio MP3
Trouble in Europe

Cursings in the Psalms
  Audio MP3
Reconciling Them with a Loving God

Psalm 61  Audio MP3
“Hear my Cry,” Verse by Verse commentary

Coming Blessings  Audio MP3
Psalm 90

Luther, on the Psalms  Audio MP3
Sweeter than Honey

Blessing the Righteous
  Audio MP3
Proverbs and Psalms

Songs in the Night
 Audio MP3
Rejoicing in the Grandest of Hopes

Psalm 23  
Back cover