January/February 2013

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Considerations for the New Year

In the Beginning  Audio MP3
Considerations for the New Year

Time  Audio MP3
Consecrated Use of our Hours

Looking Forward  Audio MP3
Resolutions for the Consecrated

Fresh Opportunities  Audio MP3
New Beginnings in God's Plan

Formula for Consecrated Living  Audio MP3
Overpowering Evil

News and Views  Audio MP3
Reflecting current events of our time

Today in Prophecy  Audio MP3
Pillar of Defense

Trust Him Even in Adversity  Audio MP3
God's Great Goodness

Portrait of a Servant  Audio MP3
A Willing Attitude

The Gift of Inspiring  Audio MP3
Kind Affection for Christian Brethren

Poems and Short Features
    Crowning the Year with Goodness 
    A New Year's Prayer 
Audio MP3
    The New Year