Topical Index of
Christian Literature

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Sepphoris A City Set On a Hill
Archaeological discussion of two potential sites for the "city set on a hill" allusion of Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount.


Caleb – The Endurance of Faith
, a faithful spy conquers part of the promised land.

Daniel, The Beloved
Presenting the challenge, "Dare to be a Daniel!"

Faith Goes it Alone
The story of Samson with detailed notes on the date of his life.

Faith Hanging by a Thread
A study into the faith of Rahab.

Hobab the Kenite
The choice of a guide to lead Israel through the wilderness and its dire consequences.

The Judgment of Shimei
The Shimei narrative--a lesson in sin, repentance, pardon, and deferred judgment.

The Justice of Festus
The choice of a guide to lead Israel through the wilderness and its dire consequences.

The Mother of the Apostle Paul
A biography of the unknown woman the Apostle Paul referred to as his mother.

Nine Men in the Life of Bathsheba
A biography of an oft-maligned woman as defined by nine men whose lives touch hers.

Righteous Lot
The choice of a guide to lead Israel through the wilderness and its dire consequences.

Rose of Moab, Rose of Sharon
The life of Ruth.

The Boy Samuel
The boy Samuel enters God’s service.


Adam to Zion
93 Lessons for Children Telling the Bible Story from A to Z

God's Plan For Man
A lesson plan for children.

God's Promises Come True
Old Testament Bible Stories:

   At Home in a Garden
   The First Two Brothers
   The First Shipbuilder
The Tower of Babel
   Abraham, The Friend of God
   A Bride is Chosen
   Rebekah's Twin Boys
   A Boy Who Dreamed
A Slave Becomes Ruler
   When Dreams Come True
   Little Boy in an Ark

   God Speaks to Moses
   God Delivers His People

   The Last Night In Egypt
   Crossing the Red Sea

   God Gives Laws To His People
   Building A House For God
   Spying Out The Land
   Crossing The River Jordan

   An Army That Was Too Large
   A Boy Who Was Given To God

   A Shepherd Boy Is Made King
   A King Is Fooled
   The Wisest Man And A King
   A Prophets Prayers Answered
   A Child Brought Back to Life
A King Who Ate Grass
   In A Fiery Furnace
   In A Den Of Lions
   In The Stomach Of A Fish
   The Story of God's Book Part 1
   The Most Important Baby
   Preparing The Way For Jesus
   Jesus Wouldn't Do Wrong
   The Mighty Works of Jesus
   The Lamb of God

   The Great Victory
   God's Power Comes
   A Lame Man Made Well
   The Sin of Lying
   A Young Believer Stoned
   A Parisee Changes His Mind

   Peter's Strange Dream
   Paul Preaches On Mars' Hill
   From Jerusalem To Rome
   John Sees Trees Of Life
   The Story Of God's Book Part 2


Christian Living

Abusing God's Mercy
The limitations of Divine forgineness.

A Chaste Virgin

The Anatomy of Conceit
An analysis of what produces conceit in the Christian.

Attaining Peace in a World
of Turmoil
A Fruit of the Spirit.

Bearing One Another's Burdens
Looking at the Christian's responsibility to fellow believers.

Be Strong and of a Good Courage
Lessons from the life of Joshua to encourage the Christian.

Christian Capitalism
Examining the Christian life from the perspectives of the parables of the pound and the talents.

The Christian Warfare
Discussing the Christian soldier, his attributes and his armor.

Christ in You
An Indwelling Relationship

The Conquest of Fear
How to overcome one of the Christian's strongest foes.

Coping with Trials
A Helpful Letter from Benjamin Barton

The Cost of Discipleship
What it means to deny one's self, take up the cross, and follow Jesus.

Crisis Control
Practical suggestions on handling conflicts.

Ecclesia Responsibilities
Christian responsibilities in their formal association with each other.

Employer-Employee Relationships
A Christian perspective in the workplace.

Eradicating the Spirit
of Selfishness

Learning to live a more self-less life.

Heart and Head
Showing the balance the Christian must attain between his emotional and intellectual development.

In Consideration of Love
The necessity for developing an active outgoing love for others.

In Times Like These
Practical suggestions for coping with trials and bereavement.

A meditation on what constitutes a joyful Christian.

Joys of Discipleship
Following in the footsteps of Jesus was designed to be a happy experience, not a life of somber sadness.

The Joy Set Before Us

The Joy That Was Set
Before Him

A motivation for faithful service to God

Keeping the Heart
On developing the emotional as well as the intellectual life, with lessons from the life of Solomon.

LoveThe Bond of Perfectness
A description of the indescribable grace of love.

Members In Particular
How to fill the unique role which God is designing for you to play in his plan.

Of Slaves and Masters
Defining principles of employer-employee relationships.

Parents, the Experts in Everything!?
A practical guide for interaction between parent and child.

Privileges and Responsibilities of Christian Couples
A look at the role of husband and wife in the Christian marriage.

A Repentance that was not Heard
A study on acceptable and non-acceptable repentance from the life of King Saul.

A self test to detect bad behavioral patterns before they become habits difficult to correct.

The Spirit of Sacrifice
Showing what is involved in a Christian's life of sacrifice.

Spiritual Sicknesses: Causes
and Cures

Diagnosing spiritual diseases and prescribing spiritual cures.

Take Off Your Shoes
Examining an ancient Hebrew custom and its significance in relinquishing claims to earth.

The Valley of the Shadow of Death
Traced in the lives of David, Jesus, and the Christian.

What Shall I Render Unto the Lord
The reasonableness of living a consecrated life.

The Word of GodIn Our Lives
A practical application of the Bible to daily Christian living.


No More Tears
A message of hope for the bereaved based on the Hebrew scriptures.
Why Do Saints Suffer?
An age-old question answered from the pictures of Israel's tabernacle.


A Bundle of Myrrh is My
Well Beloved Unto Me

The aroma of Christ

Bride and Bridegroom
A Memorial Meditation

Christ the Center
The hub of the Christian's existence.

First Things First
A meditation on establishing priorities.

Gathering Home the Saints
A ten-part series showing the emotions of being in heaven with the Lord.
Part 1 – The Awakening in His Likeness
Part 2 – The Face to Face Meeting with Jesus
Part 3 – The Waiting Arms of the Father
Part 4 – The Marriage of God's Dear Son
Part 5 – Reception at the Father's House
Part 6 – The Enthronement with the Lamb
Part 7
– Moments or Reflective Praise
Part 8 – Thanking the Ministering Angels
Part 9 – The Breaking of Death's Power
Part 10 – Bringing Forth Earth's Princes

Goose Sense
Lessons from the flight pattern of geese.

He Maketh the Storm a Calm
A meditation on inner peace in times of turmoil.

In Memory of the Savior's Love
A meditation on the death of Jesus Christ.

Jesus’ Last Days
In this narrative, you walk with Jesus from Bethany to Golgotha.

How To Walk On Water
Encouragement to the Christian to get out of his rocky boat and spiritually "walk on water."

In My Solitude
A meditation of encouragement to climb higher and higher on the Christian path.

Pressing On in the Pilgrim Journey
A meditation on the haste in which ancient Israel ate the first Passover supper.

Some Questions
A poem encouraging Christian constancy.

The Right Hand
A meditation on a face to face relationship with God.

The Shepherd Psalm
A thorough treatment of the symbology of the familiar 23rd Psalm.

The Song of the Well
Ferrar Fenton's translation of Numbers 12:17-20.

Two Gardens
A contrast and comparison between the Garden of Eden and the Garden of Gethsemane.

This Thing Is From Me
A Christian classic. Assures every true Christian that all is overruled for his good.

Walking to Gethsmane
Walk with Jesus that last night of his life from the room of the Last Supper to the Garden of Gethsemane.

What the Memorial Means to Me
A personal testimony of the personal significance of participating in the Memorial emblems.

When I Am Dead
Poem on giving our help to one while they are living.

Which Mountain Will You Move
Three mountains which faith can move.


A Place Prepared
A home for the Church.

The Baby Leaped in Her Womb
Looking at the account of the visit of the virgin Mary with her cousin Elizabeth.

The Better Gifts and the
More Excellent Way
A complete investigation of the gifts of the spirit and their relevance today.

The Church and her Mission
Describing the present and future works of the Christian church.

The Day of Judgment

Earth, as Well as Heaven
Life on one plane of existence does not limit life to only those who share that plane of existence.

Epistle to the Colossians
Examining the message of Paul to the church at Colossae.

Eternal Judgment
An outline of seven different eternal judgment given in the Bible.

Except Some Man Guide Me
Why God appoints fallible human teachers to instruct in his word.

Eve's Experiences in the
Garden of Eden
A closer examination of the account of the first couple and their temptation.

Faith Toward God
Tracing the elements of faith and its foundations.

God and the Trinities
Examining the connection between pagan pantheism and the Christian doctrine of the Trinity.

God of All Space
A look at the Bible from the standpoint of recent space science.

Many Called, Few Chosen
Two crises in the Christian life are illustrated in Jesus' parable of the Wedding Feast.

Our Heritage Of Knowledge
A brief summary of each of the doctrines which make up the faith structure of the Bible Students.

Portrait Of A Perfect Man
The portrait of Jesus as given in the Gospel of Luke.

The Fillets of the Tabernacle
Practical lessons from a minor architectural feature of Israel’s Tabernacle in the wilderness.

The Flame in Hades
An in-depth examination of the parable of The Rich Man and Lazarus.

Gathering the Lord’s Jewels
Investigating the method of God’s selection of the Church and their ultimate purpose.

The Greater Context of Hebrews 6
Analyzing the context in which the Apostle Paul discusses the fundamental doctrines.

Imagine . . . the Love of God
A personal testimony reflecting the emotions of a Christian discovering that the Bible hell is the grave and that God has a plan for all.

The Importance of Bible Study
Why a Christian must be a diligent student of the word of God.

The KingEternal, Immortal, Invisible
A biblical portrait of the personal and character attributes of God.

The Laying On of Hands
A discussion of what is meant by this practice in both the Old and NewTestaments.

The Lord your God is One Lord
A treatise examining the doctrine of the Trinity.

The Melody of the Waters
The outline of God's plan seen in the place name of the wells of Abraham and of Isaac.

The Parable of Jotham
Examining a potential meaning for the Old Testament "Parable of the Trees and the Bramble."

The Parable of the Penny
Applying a New Testament parable to both the first and second advents of Christ.

The Philosophy of the Atonement
A detailed analytical examination of Romans 5:13-21

Prove All Things
Showing the necessity of proving all doctrines by the Bible as the Word of God.

Repentance from Dead Works
A discussion of the repentance which the Apostle Paul listed ass a fundamental doctrine in the Christian church.

The Resurrection of the Dead
How the dead come back to life and the processes involved in enabling them to live forever.

The Simplicity of the Gospel
Dealing with the organization of the early church.

The Unknown God
Different people have different perceptions of who God is. This article examines the Bible’s answer to this question.

Unto Us a Child is Born
A beautiful retelling of the Christmas story.

What Can a Man Believe?
Outlining the plan of God for man from the Bible.

What Is Truth?
The necessity of searching for the truth of the scriptures.

What Say the Scriptures About Hell?
Every text in which the Hebrew and Greek words translated Hell is examined in this treatise.

Why Does God Permit Evil?
Fresh insights into an age-old question.

Witness of the Spirit
Listing the various ways by which the Christian can know he is a child of God.

The Word of GodIt’s Authenticity
The authenticity of the Bible and the authority of the Logos, both as the Word of God.

The Word of GodIn Creation
An ode to the majesty of creation accomplished by the Word of God.

Emphatic Diaglott

Emphatic Diaglott by Benjamin Wilson
The orginal Greek Text of the New Testament with an interlineary word for word English translation by Benjamin Wilson.

God's Kingdom

God Has a Plan
This illustrated article shows the entire plan of God from Genesis to Revelation.

God’s Kingdom
This television script outlines what God’s Kingdom will be like, who it will be for, and when it will come.

The Good News of Two Salvations
God's plans for life on earth as well as in heaven.

The Highway of Holiness
Tracing a familiar symbol of God’s Kingdom through the book of Isaiah.

They Shall Live Again
An answer to the perplexing question of the fate of good people who die who are not Christians.


A Delightful Inheritance
The Christian’s responsibility toward his inheritance of truth.

A New Wine Bottle
Bible Student History

Contending for the Faith
A look at the lives of Arius, Calvin, Luther, and Wesly.

The Death of Faith
Tracing the parallel growths of humanism and Protestantism after the Reformation.

The Decline of Faith
Covering the period from the Reformation to the Bible Student movement.

The Harvest Movement
Tracing the nineteenth century origins of the Bible Student movement.

The Midnight Cry
Depicting the history of the adventist movement in the mid-nineteenth century.

The Pastoral Bible Institute
Tracing the roots of the Associated Bible Students, the PBI, and The Herald.

Preface to Bible Student History
Introducing a special section on the history of the Bible Student movement.


John T. Read
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of hymns sung by John T. Read

All Hail the Power of Jesus Name
The Power of Jesus Name

Boundless Grace
The Fount of Every Blessing

Christian Fellowship
The Closest Bond of Fellowship

God Be With You
"Good-Bye – God Be With You"

His Loving Kindness
What is Soul Awakening?

Holy, Holy, Holy
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty!

Jesus Reigns
Thousands of Harps and Voices

The Year of Jubilee
Blowing the Jubilee Trumpet

Music for Hymns from Cyber Hymnal


Effectual Prayer
Hezekiah's example of an effectual prayer.

Portraits of Jesus Praying
Sharing with the Master a life of constant prayer.

Praying For Governments
Considering the scriptural principles involved in an intelligent prayer for present day governments.

Pray for the Intercession of The Spirit
Praying for the holy spirit and with the spirit's assistance

The Prayer of Jabez
A model prayer for enlargement by an obscure Old Testament character.

The Privilege and Power of Prayer
A brief review of the Bible's teachings on prayer.

Thanksgiving with Prayer and Supplication
A compilation of Scriptures on prayer under approrpiate subheadings.


The Age of the Exposť
Investigative reporting as a sign of the Lord’s return.

A House in a Walled City
Investigating an unusual exception in Israel’s "Law of Jubilee."

The Beasts of Job
An investigation into the typical significance of "behemoth" and "leviathan."

Behold the Bridegroom
Evidences of the return of Jesus Christ

Bible Prophecy—It's Purpose
in God's Plan

The function of the prophet and his message.

The Blessing of Judah
Examining the prophetic significance of Jacob’s blessing on his son Judah.

The Book of Hosea
An overview of the prophecy of Hosea.

The Book of Revelation
Outlining the message of the last book of the Bible.

Daniel in Babylon
The use of Babylonian symbols in the prophecy of the four beasts.

The Burden of Dumah
A closer look at an obscure prophecy in Isaiah pertaining to events of the last two centuries.

Christ Has Returned
Showing that the signs of Christ's return are a current reality/

The Day of Small things
Historic evidences of the second advent of Jesus Christ.

The End
Treating the two different words translated "end" in the New Testament.

Ezekiel in Brief
A short but thorough treatment of a difficult and highly symbolic prophecy.

The Fall and Rise of Many in Israel
A review of Israel’s past and future on the occasion of their 45th Anniversary as a nation.

The Fig Tree
Examining the appropriateness of the fig tree as a symbol for the nation of Israel.

Hastening the Day of God
Looking at the sense of urgency created by noticing the signs of the nearness of the kingdom.

Hope for a Fear-Filled World
God's Promises

Israel and the Land
A thorough examination of the borders of the promised land.

Israel and the Middle East
A prophetic perspective of the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East.

I Will Come Again
   Part 1--I Will Come Again
   Part 2--Signs of Christ's Presence
   Part 3--Why Some Christians are Unaware
   Part 4-- "Caught Up Together With Him"
   Part 5--"Every Eye Shall See Him"
   Part 6--The Man of Sin
   Part 7--Appendices

One World Church
A sober look at the disunity in the Christian church and what it portends for the future.

The Skirt of a Jew
Tracing a biblical symbol of Israel's future role in spreading the news of God's kingdom.

The Time of Jacob’s Trouble
A detailed verse by verse analysis of Jeremiah 30 to pinpoint the time of "Jacob’s Trouble."

Three Prophetic Parables
An exposition of the three parables of Matthew 25, concluding the Lord’s Olivet sermon.

The Value of Time Prophecy
A look at why God places dates in the Bible, with emphasis on the prophecies of Daniel.

The Word of God Today
How the predictions of the Bible mirror the current events of our time.

Weighed in the Balances
Concerning the "Parliament of Religions" and the ecumenical movement.

Where Will All Nations Be Gathered?
A comparative analysis of the rival claims for the historical background of Armageddon

World Conversion
When does the Bible anticipate the world to be converted to Christ?

Years of TransitionDays of Hope
Sociologists are having a difficult time defining the current generation; the Bible suggests an apt title would be "the generation of transition."

Question Box

The Ascent of the Son of Man
A question box answer as to the ascent and descent of the Son of man.

Determining God's Will
How can I determine the will of God in my life?

Deborah and Barak
why is Barak listed among the heroes of faith in Heb. 11:32, and not Deborah?

The Gospel of John
Is there a relationship between Israel’s Tabernacle and the outline of the Gospel of John?

How Does the Holy Spirit Speak?
Question Box describing three methods by which the holy spirit communicates.

The Lord’s Prayer
The Question Box answers why the Lord’s model prayer has no expression of thanksgiving.

Moses and Jesus
A question box feature drawing a number of comparisons between Moses and Jesus.

Persistency in Prayer
The Question Box considers how long an unanswered request should be a subject of a Christian's prayer.

The Role of a Prophet
Discussing the role a prophet played in ancient Israel. A Question Box feature.

Why Called "Truth" People?
A question box feature as to why Bible Students use the term "truth people"?

Verse by Verse Bible Studies

Appointed Times
A verse by verse study in Ecclesiastes 3 about the balancing of good and bad experiences in the Christian life

The Dew and the Lion
A verse by verse Bible study in the fifth chapter of the book of Micah.

The Generation of Jesus Christ
This verse by verse study in Matthew 1 examines the problems in the geneaology of Jesus.

Hygienic Doctrine
A verse by verse study in Titus 2, identifying what the Apostle Paul considered "sound doctrine.

"I Am My Beloved’s
This verse by verse study in Song of Solomon 2 traces the love relationship of Christ and his church.

In The Beginning
This verse by verse study in Acts 1 delineates the days of confusion between the ascension of Jesus and the Day of Pentecost.

The Book of Job
A study of the book of Job

The Preeminence of Christ
Verse by verse through Hebrews 1, showing the unique position of Christ.

Six Witnesses of the Messiah
A study in John 5 reveals six witnesses to the Messianic claims of Jesus.

Wisdom and the Foolish Woman Examining an Old Testament parable in a verse by verse study of Proverbs 9.

The Works of Grace
A verse by verse study in James 2 concerning the relative roles of works and grace in the Christian life.

Your reasonable Service
A Bible study in Romans 12 on a Christian's responsibility toward God.