November-December 1997

Theme: Perspectives of the Nativity
The varied viewpoints of those whose lives touched the birth of Jesus.

Introducing the actors in the drama of the Nativity.

God’s Journey to Bethlehem
The emotions of God as his Son came to earth and died for all the human race.

The Torah of Humanity
The predictions of Elizabeth and Zacharias concerning the birth of Christ.

Blessed Among Women
A look at the feelings of Mary and Joseph concerning the newborn child.

The Guiding Star
Investigating the account of the journey of the wise men from the East and the star they followed.

The Jealous Monarch
King Herod and his attempt to stamp out the life of a rival to his throne.

The Year of Herod’s Death
A technical analysis of the evidence dating the death of King Herod.

Jesus Presented at the Temple
Two aged prophets, Simeon and Anna, give their blessing to the child.

The Question Box
Examining Isaiah's prediction of the virgin birth.

The Slaughtering Soldier
A poem imagining the feelings of one of the soldiers sent to kill the children of Bethlehem.

Despised and Rejected
A verse by verse of Isaiah 53, depicting the Suffering Messiah

His Gentle Hands
A poem concerning the feelings of Mary as her son passed through his earthly life.

Significant items from the news media of events around the world.