September/October 2007
Theme: Chart of the Ages

In the Beginning (The Chart of the Ages)

The First Dispensation
Few details are given about what caused God to want to destroy what he had created.

The Patriarchal Age
God dealt with individuals in this age; their experiences often pictured what will happen in the future.

The Jewish Age
God dealt with one nation in this age even though the people so often went after other gods.

The Gospel Age
God has dealt with all nations in this age to call out a people for his name, a work still in progress today.

News and Views

The Millennial Age
This is the “Golden Age” of the near future, when paradise on earth will again be a reality.

The Two Harvests
As one age ends, another begins; events overlap during a time of transition.

The Vision Deferred
This study of Habakkuk 2 examines five woes directed against Israel’s aggressor Babylon.

Poems and Short Features:
  A World Subject to Angels

The Glorious Day
A Cup of Cold Water
The Chart of the Ages