May-June 2004
Theme: The Christian Family

In the Beginning
Introducing the theme of the Christian Family

Being an Example of Christ
The biblical standard for the Christian husband is a high standard

Unfading Loveliness
Christian attributes practiced by a wife are her finest adornments 

“Behold Thy Mother”
Taking care of an aged parent is a privilege as well as an obligation. 

The Doctrine of Submission
An important principle examined in this verse by verse study of 1 Peter 2:13 through 3:17

Children, A Gift from God
The challenges and joys of being a Christian parent in today’s world 

The Commandment with Promise
The child of Christian parents has unique responsibilities, as do the parents 

In the Days of Thy Youth
Being a Christian teen today presents its own set of challenges

One Flesh, Two Hearts
Great tact is required for a Christian married to an unbelieving spouse 

Poems and Short Fillers
A selection of short devotional readings for Christian families 

News and Views
Items of interest to the Christian from the media of today