January/February 2012

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Theme: New Beginnings

In the Beginning  Audio MP3
New Beginnings

New Beginnings  Audio MP3
Major New Beginnings in the Plan of God

Beginning Again  Audio MP3
Pairs of New Beginnings related to each other

Consider Your Ways  Audio MP3
Haggai’s advice to Israel, and lessons for us

Behold, the Man!  Audio MP3
Redemption, a New Beginning for mankind

News and Views  Audio MP3
Reflecting current events of our time

Today in Prophecy  Audio MP3
Religion in the Last Day

The Harvest  Audio MP3
Past work, present opportunities, future prospects

Lessons from the Life of Joseph  Audio MP3
Sober counsel about completing the Church

The Kingdom of God  Audio MP3
A precious truth that makes sense of God’s Plan

Bought with a Price
Back Cover